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She often takes part in agility events and has a life span of 10 to 13 years. Keely the chihuahua west highland white terrier f2 mix puppy at 4 months old weighing 4 pounds her mom is the same cross as she is and so is her dad.

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Why buy a westie west highland white terrier puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life.

West highland terrier chihuahua mix. When caring for chihuahua terrier mixes you should help them be as healthy as possible so they can grow as old as 13 to 18 years of age. The west highland terrier mix maltese hybrid nicknamed the highland maltie is an intelligent and caring terrier mix companion dog. Along with quince and my sons steven and karter we raise westies on our acreage 1 hour north of calgary alberta canada and 1 2 an hour west of olds alberta near the town of sundre alberta.

The chestie is a toy sized cross of the west highland white terrier and the chihuahua. If you have never had a west highland white terrier mix before look at the top 34 most popular crossbreeds listed and see which one might fit for you and your family. Her breeder expects this littler that keely came from to be about 5 6 pounds as well.

We are also blessed with the occasional litter of cairn terriers. My name is kimberley grant and my passion is the west highland white terrier. The chestie is a very recently developed designer dog and its origin cannot be traced.

A mix of a chihuahua and the west highland white terrier this is the dog you need to watch out for. Look at pictures of westie west highland white terrier puppies who need a home. Her dad is about 5 6 pounds.

They love to hang out with their people and if not socialized and trained properly using positive reinforcement training of course they can become fearful of other people. The chihuahua terrier mix dogs are alert and curious. Both of the parent breeds are recognized to have low shedding coats meaning this dog is suitable for those who suffer with dog allergies.

More recently the toy fox terrier was first registered in 2003 and it s the chihuahua and toy fox terrier mix which has gained popularity as taco terriers. She is a warm and affectionate dog to her family but is wary and sometimes shy around strangers. Other west highland white terrier dog breed names.

They often get closely attached to one family member of the house. At the slightest sound they will go to check it out. Maybe it was bred simply out of curiosity or somebody had an intention to make a breed with the best of both the purebreds.

They can live as long as 18 years. Fox terrier chihuahua mix temperament fox terriers love to be part of a family and like chihuahuas the toy fox terrier tends to attach itself devotedly to one special person. The average life expectancy of a chihuahua terrier mix is 15 years.

Her mom is about 8 10 pounds and looked exactly like her. She is also called either the chiwestie or the chi westie.

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