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But what distinguishes them is the beaver color of their noses paw pads. The chocolate or liver color is caused by the b locus gene creating black pigment that darkens a dog s coat.

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Find pomeranian puppies and breeders in your area and helpful pomeranian information.

Pomeranian puppies brown. Chocolate pomeranian dogs can range in color from milk to dark chocolate and their nose and paw pads are often the same silky brown color. The chocolate pomeranian puppy stays nearly the same color through out his life. Our champion line pomeranians are available in a variety of standard colors.

Blue is a beautiful pomeranian with short legs. Their color might vary from dark brunette to light brown. She is sweet to boot that love playing with kids and other animals travel with full package.

Beaver pomeranian puppies have brown coats ranging from light to chocolate brown. We ve also bred exotic colored pomeranians such as lilac blue and chocolate. And to say that a pom is a chocolate brown is not incorrect.

This is a rare absolutely stunning pomeranian puppy for sale. Brown pomeranian or chocolate pomeranian. Coat color fading is additionally typical in older pomeranians.

We are passionate lovers of the pomeranian dog breed with 18 years experience and specialty in producing pomeranian puppies with amazing quality health structure charisma and temperament. However the official terminology will be chocolate. In pomeranian dog colors brown is a very diverse color and ranges from the light beaver shade through to the darkest chocolate shade.

It s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. All pomeranian found here are from akc registered parents. She is a brown white bicolor.

A chocolate newborn pomeranian puppy is a solid brown. Some refer to chocolate as brown and this is not wrong since it is a brown color. The only changes being are a little fading of the coat color owing to damage from the sun.

The chocolate pomeranian color is rich and is fully self coloured. Any chocolate pomeranian puppy will have dark brown skin pigmentation unlike cream ones who have black. We deal with pomeranian of common colors you will find around like white fawn apricot black pink pink white grey shaded brown tan orange and brindle pomeranian.

However the brown is simply an addition to the description and it is left off when registering the puppy. A chocolate pomeranian often resembles a living teddy bear. Teacup puppies is a very popular breed with a wonderful temperament.

Find brown pomeranian puppies and dogs from a breeder near you.

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