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Savannah African Cat Breeds

This wild cat native to africa. The savannah cat is the largest of the cat breeds.

Savannah Cats Are A Spotted Cat Breed Resulting From Crossing An African Serval Cat To A Domestic Cat Savannah Cat African Serval Cat Cat Breeds

This wild cat native to africa.

Savannah african cat breeds. The savannah cat are large in size and look like a wildcat. Much like its wild ancestor the savannah is a tall lean cat with long legs big ears and a long neck. A savannah cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval a medium sized large eared wild african cat.

The savannah is a relatively new breed and as such they re not as well known as some. The kitten born in 1986 was named miracle but soon after was re named savannah. And some average joe domestic shorthairs.

Among the breeds that contributed to the savannah s development were spotted cat breeds such as bengals and egyptian maus. The savannah cat is a hybrid cross between an african serval and a domestic cat. The unusual cross became popular among breeders at the end of the 1990s and in 2001 the international cat association tica accepted it as a new registered breed.

The first savannah cat was the result of an accidental breeding between a siamese queen owned by judee frank and a male serval that frank was watching for another breeder. In 1989 savannah bred with a turkish angora cat. Outcrossing is no longer permitted now that the breed is established.

It is rare in north africa and the sahel but widespread in sub saharan countries except rain forest regions. The breed was first presented to the board of the international cat association tica in 1996 and was finally accepted in 2001. Ancestor of the savannah cat is the african serval cat which has been actively breed in captivity since the 1920 s.

The very first savannah kitten named savannah was born on april 7 1986. The savannah was named after the habitat of the serval and its beauty echoes the lush splendor of those golden plains in africa. The savannah a cross between an african serval and a domestic cat is a tall lanky cat with solid spots over a basecoat that can range from warm golden orange to cool silver hues.

The result was the largest domestic cat breed in the world on average anyway a few maine coons have ended up being heavier. The savannah cat was first created by judee frank who crossbred a male african serval cat with a siamese domestic cat. The savannah cat is a hybrid cat species a cross between a domestic cat and a serval a medium sized wild african cat with large ears.

Occasionally there will be black melanistic or white snow colorations. The savannah are a cross breed of the wild serval cat of africa and a domestic cat. These cats resulted from the purposeful crossbreeding of domestic cats and servals which are medium sized african wild cats.

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