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Alaskan Malamute Size And Weight

Malamutes like other northern and sled dog breeds can have a high prey drive due to their origins and breeding. While there is some variation in size and weight among alaskan malamutes purebred alaskan malamutes will generally range between 23 to 25 inches at the withers and 75 to 85 lbs in ideal lean working condition.

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The alaskan malamute standard how to measure your alaskan malamute s height.

Alaskan malamute size and weight. Combine the protective watchdog nature of rottweilers with the brute strength of the hard working alaskan malamute. Height and weight master december 17 2018 alaskan malamute 0 comments thе alaskan malamute breed іѕ а rаthеr large dog thаt саn weigh uр tо 90 pounds аnd measure uр tо 25 inches іn height. Alaskan malamute x rottweiler mix.

Blue eyes are a disqualification. An adult male alaskan malamute can pull around 500 1 500 kilograms 1 100 3 300 lb of weight depending on build and training. The alaskan malamute one of the oldest arctic sled dogs is a powerful and substantially built dog with a deep chest and strong well muscled body.

The size of full grown alaskan maladors are not too drastic from the parent breeds either averaging out at a similar height of 24 25 inches and weighing between 75 85 lbs on average compared with the labrador retriever weight of 70 80 lbs.

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