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German Shepherd X Airedale Terrier Mix

Its ears and muzzle resemble those of an airedale terrier while having the general body structure of a german shepherd. Airedale terrier is originated from united kingdom but german shepherd is originated from germany.

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The airedale shepherd is a hybrid dog from the airedale terrier and german shepherd.

German shepherd x airedale terrier mix. Most of its shape is like that of a german shepherd while its muzzle and ears are typically like that of the airedale terrier. 22 weeks old german shepherd and airedale terrier mixed dogs playing in the backyard. An airedale terrier german shepherd also called an airedale shepherd will be a black and tan medium to large dog with an easy going and friendly personality.

Both airedale terrier and german shepherd has almost same life span. Airedale terrier may weigh 15 kg 33 pounds lesser than german shepherd. The airedale shepherd is a large dog with a long and rough coat.

She is lively and intelligent with plenty of energy to keep older children entertained gets along with other dogs and shows a willing attitude to learn. Airedale shepherd breed appearance. They would keep sheep bunched together to prevent them from wandering off.

The german shepherd as the name implies was bred to herd sheep. The german shepherd is a large athletic and muscular dog that is longer than it is tall. Airedale terrier may grow 6 cm 2 inches shorter than german shepherd.

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