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Next you need to find cat food. GIM in Pacifica specifically Loading Bay 5 in the parking lot out back.

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Still every private feline has its own character.

Buy cat food cyberpunk. When doing the side mission The Hunt unlocked after doing I Fought The Law at some point you look for clues in Rivers nephews trailer. You can find it in food stores or randomly in some places like the the Arasaka Industrial Park or the Aldecaldos camp. You only need to venture left upon exiting Vs apartment follow the corridor then turn right.

How to get cat food in Cyberpunk 2077. Is there a certain place to loot it from or buy from. Last bay on the left is where youll want to head.

How To Pet Cat In Cyberpunk 2077. The Arkasaka Complex this is easy. Theres a shard called feed teh cat here.

In the preliminary weeks of life they are prone to respiratory tract infections. Find the cat food and get back to where you found the datapad and place the cat food in the bowl. To anyone wondering where to find Cat Food in the game but cant find any or sold it thinking it was just another junk consumable then check it.

To get a pet cat head outside of Vs apartment and head to the left to find a garbage bin. Ideas In Calling A Family Pet Cat. You can pet the one in the alleyway where.

Finding a pet cat. However finding the cat food the trickiest part of this secret quest. Cats Getting Pet How to Get a Pet Cat in Cyberpunk 2077 Secret Quest Pet Cat Location.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a Secret Mission where you can get a Pet Cat for your Apar. You can find this in lots of different places in the game but there is an easy to grab can of it in the trailer you search with the River. On a couple of occasions in Cyberpunk 2077 you might spot stray cats.

Applies the Nourishment status which increases max Health by 5 and regen by 05 per second outside combat. There is a good spot in the game that you are guaranteed to find some cat food for the cat in Cyberpunk 2077. Someone on Reddit pointed this one out.

The player will be given the objective to Feed the cat so the player will need to go out into Night City to find cat food. After completing Playing for Time at the start of Act 2 some time later the opportunity to adopt Nibbles will become available. If you have looted corpses or containers you may have cat food in your inventory already.

To get the pet cat in the game leave your apartment and just around the corner will be a datapad. Go to the fast travel point Arasaka Industrial Park in Santo Domingo or Arroyo. How to Get Cat Food in Cyberpunk 2077 Location To get the pet cat you need to find Cat food in CP2077 first.

This isnt something players can just buy either. The first thing you will actually need is some cat food. To find the cat food in Pacifica head to the Grand Imperial Mall fast travel point.

Cyberpunk 2077 How to Get a Pet Cat and Location to Cat Food in Cyberpunk 2077. You can obtain it as a random drop but to speed things up you can get it from the Arasaka Warehouse in the Arasaka Industrial Park. Unlike in other games that allow players to pet animals cat food is something thats available for sale in Cyberpunk 2077 While some enemies.

The cat food is on loading bay 5 so head towards the Ferris wheel and down the ramp. Head over to Santo Domingos Rancho Cornado to find the Arasaka Industrial Plant. Look in the red orange trashcan with two blue green trash bags at the base.

Kerry didnt always have a house and most of. Cat Food is a consumable item in Cyberpunk 2077. One is fine however if you have multiple sources that isnt a quality dry food.

But I cant seem to find it anywhere. Press J to jump to the feed. Down the hall and to the right from Vs apartment in Megabuilding H10 one can find a small empty bowl on the ground.

If like me you sold by mistake the cat food you grabbed at Arasaka Industrial Plant theres at least one other location. This is a special item that you. Read the datapad and itll tell you to feed the cat.

When you get there you look out onto the street. YouTube has this one. Apparently you can adopt a cat if you have cat food.

Its easy to find on the map as it sits just southwest of the stadium. In order to obtain Nibbles as a pet first you need to obtain cat food.

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