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Pug Chihuahua Mixed Dogs

The Chihuahua mixed with pugs is a cross-breed between a Chihuahua and a pug. Chihuahuas also have ancient roots leading back to Mexico.

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Weekly or biweekly brushing and only occasional bathing should be sufficient for short-haired chugs.

Pug chihuahua mixed dogs. It is a sturdy breed that has gained popularity over the years and has proved to be an incredible companion. This mix can become obese easily so you should monitor your dogs weight regularly and put him on a diet if necessary. Chug dogs have a lifespan of around 10 to 13 years.

This is an ideal dog for small dog lovers looking for a dog with low maintenance and moderate activity. Believe it or not the Pug was actually designed to be a companion breed for the rulers of Tibet in 206 BC. Save More With Priceline.

But a long-haired chug dog may need brushing and bathing more often especially during shedding season. There are two common health concerns in the Chug breed brachycephalic airway syndrome and progressive retinal atrophy. Its relatively rare to come across a Chipit as these Chihuahua mix dogs havent yet quite caught on.

Caring for the Chihuahua Pug Mix. Brachycephalic airway syndrome is is a condition that is normally seen in dogs who have a short and flattened head and face. We remain in awe of the fact that he is the first young dog we have owned who never soiled the house.

But concerning strength your little Chug is more muscular sturdy and robust compared to its Chihuahua parent. Ad Great Deals on Chihuahua Hotels. The Chihuahua Pug mix is generally from 10 to 14 inches tall but some dogs can be a bit shorter or taller.

Save Big with Exclusive Rates. It really highlights the fact that. Chugs are favorable pets for both city residents and.

This makes them great family pets but smaller children learn how to safely play with the small Chug. Anyone who is thinking about getting this mixed breed should be ready for an energetic pup who requires a lot of attention. Chihuahua Pug Mixed Breed Dogs Information and Pictures Benji the Chug at 3 years old exploring Waleswe got Benji as a 5-month-old rescue.

The Chug is a mixed breed dog a cross between the Chihuahua and the Pug. They are very affectionate and expect lots of attention. It is a cross between the Pug and the Chihuahua.

What Is A Chihuahua Pug Mix Called. A Chug Dog is a cross between the sassy Chihuahua and the googly eyed Pug. Chihuahua Pug Mix History.

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexicomore on Wikipedia. Unfortunately as with any breed the Chihuahua Pug Mix is prone to some health issues. The Pug is a breed of dog with physically distinctive features of a wrinkly short-muzzled face and curled tailmore on Wikipedia.

Both the pug and Chihuahua are moderate shedders. Save Big with Exclusive Rates. Their weigh will vary between 10 and 20 pounds.

The Chipit is a mix between the Chihuahua and the Pitbull Terrier. Chugs are lively and loyal companions. As a toy dog the Chihuahua Pug mix usually weighs from 10 to 20 pounds.

This breed comes about when a pug and Chihuahua are bred together has been called a Chug Pughuahua Chi Pug and the Chihuahua-Pug. They would be anything between 6 and 14 inches in height. The Chihuahua Pug mix also known as the Chug is not a purebred dog.

Ad Great Deals on Chihuahua Hotels. Save More With Priceline. Despite his rough start to life he never put a paw wrong.

They may or may not tolerate strangers or other pets and animals and though they usually do well with children they may or may not be the best pet for young ones. This toy breed isnt influenced by poodle ancestry like most small hybrids. Expect a Chug or Pug Chihuahua mix to be a small compact dog as both the parents breed are small dogs.

The Chug is a hybrid breed dog a cross of a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Pug also known as Chihuahua Pug Mix or Pughuahua. Its a small dog at about 10 to 14 inches tall weighing between 10 to 20 pounds. The Chipit is perhaps one of our most unique Chihuahua mix dogs listed but rest assured its an actual thing.

They were actually named after the Pugyal Kingdom. The Chug is a mixed dog breed a cross between a Chihuahua and a Pug. It is considered a designer dog that is a cross between a sassy Chihuahua and the adorable googly-eyed pug.

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