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4 Facts about Husky and Pomerian Mix


4 Facts about Husky and Pomerian Mix

A small pomerian dog is super cute. Many dog owners are charmed by huge cuteness packed in a small size. This dog breed is pretty small in size. It means that its maintenance will be relatively easier than larger dogs. Nevertheless, you have to make sure to take care of your dog properly because this breed can have these common health issues.


Although a Pomeranian dog is considered a very healthy dog that can live long, you must not be careless of some health issues including obesity. It is a health issue that can be found in any kind of dog breed including teacup pomerian price, after all.

Because of its cuteness, you might want to spoil your dog by feeding it more and more. However, you must pay attention that being small means that the dog will not need much food. It is better to hold back to make sure that your dog is not overfed. You can prevent obesity by paying attention to the portion size of the kibbles for your dog.


Low blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia can be dangerous for your dog. Unfortunately, this condition can occur often in small dog breed or puppies under three months old. The condition can develop suddenly while the signs can appear very quickly as well.

When your small pomerian dog shows the sign of weakness, lack of coordination, seizures, muscle twitching, shaking, or loss of appetite, you must be aware of hypoglycemia condition. Honey can be the first aid for this condition but you should take your dog to the vet right away.

Coat Loss

Some owners might worry when they have a small pomerian dog with dry flaky skin and losing hair because it can be affected by severe hair loss syndrome. This condition can mainly be found in male breeds. It might appear later in your dog’s life but you can prevent and give the right medication by paying attention to the early symptoms such as thinning on the thighs back to the back.

Teeth and Gum Problems

Yes, the Pomeranian dog is small so it is normal for this dog to have a small mouth as well. Yet, its mouth is considered small for the teeth size. That is why the mouth can be overcrowding. In this circumstance. Plaque or tartar can build up easily.

It might be necessary to remove the plaque frequently to prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis. Do not forget to brush your Poms' teeth regularly. You can also give dental chew toys or biscuits for your small pomerian dog.

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