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4 Facts about Husky and Pomerian Mix

4 Facts about Husky and Pomerian Mix

People might be familiar with the husky or Pomeranian breed. Both breeds are pretty popular among dog owners. The rising popularity can also be found recently from the husky and pomerian mix breed. It is often called Pomsky. This mix breed is designed to have specific traits from the original breed. Well, why do not we learn more about this mixed breed?

Physical Characteristics

Instead of spending a lot of money for paying the teacup pomerian price, you might want to consider Pomeranian husky mix for your companion dog. This dog mix coms with the physical traits of both husky and Pomeranian. The appearance is similar to the Siberian husky but in poms size. It also has a curved tail that becomes a standard for this mixed breed.

Weight and Size

You might be asking about the weight and size of the husky and pomerian mix breed because the dog breed usually comes with a standard size and weight set. Nevertheless, there is no standard about this for Pomsky. The size will depend on the parents' gene, after all. Pomsky can grow to 10-15 inches tall with 20-30 pounds weight.


The coat colors will be an important aspect that people want to get from the baby husky and pomerian mix. One thing is for sure, Pomeranian husky dogs will have the coat just like other breeds. It has a double coat that is thick and fluffy.

The colors can be varied since Siberian husky and Pomerian have various colors as well. Yet, you can find color combinations from red to sable. Do not forget that the gene percentage of the parents will play a great role to determine the colors of Pomsky puppies.


The physical traits of Husky and Pomeranian can be found in Pomsky puppy. Of course, you can also expect that temperament of this dog mix will also depend on the parents. You do not have to worry because most Pomsky puppies inherit good temperament traits from their parents. They will be intelligent and playful.

You need to understand Pomsky temperament if you want to keep it properly. This dog mix will need some exercise and attention. You need to provide them with those needs properly to prevent destructive behavior o the dog. This dog loves to bar in a high pitch to show its loving and protective nature for the owner. That is why you need to train your husky and pomerian puppy to control the bark when living in a crowded residential area or apartment.

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