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4 Interesting Facts about Pomeranian that You Should Know

Pomerian near me

 If you plan to buy a Pomeranian and are currently looking for Pomerian near me, there are some things you need to know about this dog breed. Pomeranian is an interesting dog. Most people want to have it because it is small so it is easier to take care of, especially the Teacup breed. Teacup Pomerian price is more expensive because this small Pom is very popular among small dog enthusiasts. Here are some more cool facts about Pomeranian that might interest you.

Pom is an Active Fearless Dog

Pomeranian is an active dog that loves playing around. Thankfully, because of its small size, its energy runs out easily. So, it is a perfect dog for busy people. You only need to take a Pom on a walk once a day.

Pomeranian is also known as a fearless dog. Most of the time, they don’t realize that they are very small and they often try to pick a fight with bigger dogs. Make sure that you train your Pom to behave around other dogs to ensure their safety.

A Saloon Regular

Before you find Pomerian near me, you need to make sure that you are ready to take care of the dog.  Pomeranian is beautiful because they have thick fur that makes them look bigger than they actually are. Pomeranian comes with a double coat that must be brushed daily. Grooming and going to the saloon will be regular things every Pom owner does. If the coats are not brushed regularly, their hair will be matted which could lead to skin problems.

It Was Once a Big Dog

This might be surprising but the cute little Pomeranian was bred from a bigger dog breed. But later it was bred into the smaller Pomeranian that we know today. It is very common to see Pomeranians getting smaller nowadays because it is bred that way to meet the popular demands of small Poms.

A Dog with Special Color

Most Pomeranians have brown hair color. But the truth is, Pomeranians have more than 20 shades of color. The most dominant colors are brown, white, black, and, orange. But do you know that there is one type that is called Blue Pomeranian? Of course, the color of the fur is not really blue. Blue refers to the color of the nose. It is also important to know that the color of Pomeranians tends to be lighter when they grow older. This is something that you should consider when looking for Pomerian near me.

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