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Here are the Most Popular Medium Short Haired Dog Breeds Among Dog Owners

Medium Short Haired Dog Breeds

Are you looking for some medium short-haired dog breeds to add to your family? Short-haired dogs tend to be low maintenance when it comes to grooming. And that can be very convenient for you, especially if you get busy a lot.

Although short-haired dogs still shed, the degree of the shedding might not be as high as long-haired dogs. And that is why some people prefer short-haired dogs. Well, here are a couple of popular medium short-haired dogs that you might be interested in.


Beagles are the perfect type of dog you can get for your family. It might even be one of the best medium short-haired dogs you can adopt right now. Why? Simply because beagles are very friendly and will do great with kids and families.

Beagles are happy puppies. And because they have short hair, they do not shed as much as a white Pomeranian puppy. However, you should certainly take your beagle out for walks often since it needs a lot of exercises.


Bulldogs are also one of the most popular medium short-haired dog breeds you can find out there. These dogs do not require high grooming. They are also very easy-going, delightful, and super gentle.

However, bulldogs are very prone to weight gain. This is because of their couch-potato tendencies. So, you have to make sure to keep your bulldog on a proper diet.


Dalmatians are probably one of the most unique dog breeds you will ever find. These dogs have a very distinctive coat that you can easily differentiate from other dogs. They also have quite outgoing personalities.

Dalmatians are very active dogs. They will be extremely happy if you take them out for long walks once in a while. It would also be a great exercise for them.


Boxers are other small to medium short-haired dogs you can adopt right now. Boxers are quite a lovely dog breed. These dogs are very active and affectionate, making them a very great addition to your family.

Boxers also have a lot of energy, which means you need to take them out to exercise once in a while. These dogs love to play around and have fun. That is why you should consider taking them out to have a lovely walk in the park.

So, now that you know some of the most popular short-haired dog breeds, which one would you adopt? These medium short-haired dog breeds will be a great addition to your happy family.

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