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4 Types of Medium Long Haired Dog Breeds

Medium Long Haired Dog Breeds

People have various kinds of preferences when choosing a dog breed as their pet dog. Some people prefer long-haired dog breeds. Nevertheless, they do not want a dog with too large or too small a body size.

If you are looking for medium long haired dog breeds, here are four options to consider.

Afghan Hound

The very first breed is the Afghan Hound. This breed is special because the hair can be 24-26 inches long. Many people are amazed by the way its smooth, straight, and silky hair falls from its back over its stomach. It comes with various color options but the most common one is rust, cream, and black.

Because of its calm and quiet personality, the Afghan Hound will be a perfect family dog. However, you have to be ready to do extra exercise and grooming compared to other medium long haired dog breeds.

American Eskimo

You might love the way the white pomeranian puppy looks but you think that it is too small for you. In this circumstance, the American Eskimo breed will be a great choice. The good looks of this breed can be found from small to medium size. At the same time, the dogs from this breed are pretty clever as well.

The American Eskimo has a fluffy double coat with dense white fur. It looks a bit like a lion. Contract black color can be found for its eye-rims, lips, and nose. This dog is very social and you can train it pretty easily.

Skye Terrier

Another great choice of medium long haired dog breeds is the Skye Terrier. It has elongated ears that look like bat wings. Its hair is very long and can sweep the floor when walking. This dog breed is very energetic but you can keep it at home. Training and maintaining this dog are super easy. You just have to make sure to groom its long hair twice a week.

Bearded Collie

Last but not least, you must not forget about the Bearded Collie especially if you want to keep a long-haired dog for dog competition. Instead of straight hair, this breed's hair is shaggier with 3-6 inches long.

The long coating flows like a warm and protective coating. The basic color is usually white combined with black, grey, or brown shades. This dog breed is included in the medium long haired dog breeds that are great for a family companion. You can train it easily with a lot of treats and positive affirmations. Maintenance will not be difficult as well. 

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