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4 Simple Methods to Get the Cheap Pet Insurance for Dogs


cheap pet insurance dogs

Yes, you heard it right. You can get insurance for your dog. Why do you need it? It is simple. The treatment cost for your dog and the regular veterinarian visit could be a financial burden. Without the insurance, you will have a problem. Of course, like other insurance, finding cheap pet insurance dogs is necessary. And, this article is here to help you to get the best pet insurance.

Find Out How Much Monthly Premium You Should Pay 

Firstly, you should know the average money you have to prepare every month to pay the premium. The cheapest cost you may have to pay is around $20 a month. But, we do not recommend you choose cheap pet insurance for dogs based solely on the monthly premium. Who knows, maybe it doesn’t cover everything your dogs need and its treatment? But, you can roughly calculate how much budget you have to prepare here.

Check Out the Pet Age Restrictions

You may get a cheaper premium when you try to get insurance for your old dog. However, that doesn’t mean a good thing. It means that the insurance company won’t cover your dog’s treatment because it is at the end of the life period.

If you keep using it, you only need to pay more because your dog will need more treatment at that age. So, make sure the pet insurance that you get also covers all treatments regardless of your dog’s age. That will become a good investment you spend for the rest of your dog’s life.  

Learn More about the Coverage Level for Vets Fee

Finding cheap pet insurance dogs is all about how much it covers the veterinarian fee. As for this one, you may have to take the upper limit. People may think that $2000 a year is enough coverage for the vet’s fee. However, we recommend a higher coverage limit, like around $4000 a year. It may look expensive. But, you also should calculate the annual increase fee because of the general inflation rate.

Watch Out for the Excess Fee

Some pet insurance for dogs state a specific percentage of excess fees that you need to cover yourself. It is common in the pet insurance policy; however, some companies change the percentage to follow the general fee of pet treatment. And, that can put you in trouble because you may have to pay the excess fee more than you think.

So, to get the best and cheap pet insurance, find one that has a fixed excess fee. It helps you a lot when your dog needs a lot of treatment. You will find it very helpful especially for old-age pets where it needs a lot of treatments.


By checking out those four factors we mentioned above, we believe that you will get not only the cheap pet insurance dogs but also the best one. And, do not forget to compare the insurance offers you get to find the product that matches your preference and condition.

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