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How to Deal with Restricted Dog Breeds in Homeowner Insurance Policy


homeowners insurance dogs not allowed

Homeowners insurance gives you protection against various events that can cause damage to your property and injury to you, the homeowner, and your family members. And, your dog also can become the cause of the damage. Unfortunately, you also have to deal with homeowners insurance dogs not allowed. It means even if your dog causes the damage, the insurance won’t cover it. Here, you will learn more about that.

The Restricted Dog Breed for Homeowners Insurance

There is some dog breed that the homeowner insurance won’t put in its coverage policy. Mostly, it is because these dog breeds are considered aggressive dog breeds. They tend to cause damage, which makes the company pay more than it should be. Here are some breeds that most homeowners insurance policy don't cover.

-        Rottweiler

-        Pit Bull

-        Staffordshire Terrier

-        Doberman Pinscher

-        Akita

-        Alaskan Malamute

-        Siberian Husky

-        Wolf breeds

-        Chow Chow

-        Great Dane

-        Presa Canarios

-        Mastiff

We believe, if you are a dog lover or have a dog as a pet for a long time, you must understand and agree with that list. Most of the dog breeds in that list are well-known for causing many accidents in the past. Therefore, the insurance companies won’t put them in their insurance policy.

Why Are Those Dog Breeds Not Included?

As we mentioned about homeowners insurance dogs not allowed reason above, those dog breeds tend to be aggressive and cause damage. Therefore, the insurance companies consider them as the risk factor in their insurance service. The aggressive dog breed is considered to be high risk, which will be rejected in the insurance policy.

Moreover, other factors make your dog breed and even your dog is excluded from the policy. For example, if your dog has a history of biting or damaging the property where it lived before, they will most likely reject that dog breed. 

What Can You Do with Your Restricted Dog Breed?

Even though your beloved dog is one of the dogs bred by homeowners insurance restricted, you can still use these methods to solve this problem.

-        Find the homeowners insurance that accepts your dog breed.

-        Ask for an umbrella liability policy. This policy can include your dog in the fixed amount of coverage.

-        Try to get the canine liability policy. Some companies have it, so you may have to ask and research more to find it.

-        You also can ask for an exception to include your dog in the policy. To get a better chance for an exception, your dog must pass the test and get the Canine Good Citizen Award (CGC).


Finding out that your dog is in the homeowners insurance dogs not allowed category could be very painful. However, you can use the solutions we mentioned to get you through this situation. Or, you can also exclude your dog entirely from the insurance policy for the last resort. So, try it now and get the best protection from your homeowner's insurance.

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