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Grooming Tips to Keep Pomeranian Fur Healthy


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Are you looking for Pomerian puppies near me because you can’t wait to have the cute little dog at your house? Well, before you head to the breeder, you need to be sure that you are ready to take care of the dog. The most important thing you need to know about Pomeranians is they have double-coated fur that needs to be regularly taken care of. Here are some grooming tips to keep the fur of your Pom healthy and beautiful.

Brush the Fur Regularly

Pomeranians have beautiful fur, and that is one of the factors that make the Pomerian dog price pretty high. Pom’s fur must be brushed every day with a slicker brush. This is important to prevent matting and get rid of the dirt that sticks on the fur. When you are brushing your Pomeranian, make sure to brush thoroughly until the brush touches the skin. But do it gently so you don’t hurt your dog. 

Pay Attention to Bath and After-Bath Routine

The best thing about having a Pomeranian is you don’t have to worry that you bathe them too often. Bathing is important to keep the fur clean. Make sure to use high-quality dog shampoo to keep the fur smooth. Applying a conditioner is also an important step when bathing a Pom.

While looking for Pomerian puppies near me, it is best to learn what you should do after the bath. You should not use a towel because it can cause tangling. You can use a blow dryer, but you need to brush the fur while blow-drying. Your Pom must be completely dry to avoid fungus and irritation.

How to Prevent Matting

Matted hair is normal and it will happen from time to time, especially for dogs with long hair like Pomeranians. This is why regular brushing is very important. When you spot a clump, brush the fur regularly before the mat starts becoming too big.

Don’t Forget Haircut

You can give a haircut to your Pomeranians if you want.  A haircut can make the fur looks neater and also give a new look to your dog. A haircut might be important if you stay in a warm area and you notice that your dog feels too hot in thick fur. A haircut is good, but shaving is not. Shaving is not recommended for dogs with double coat fur. Since cutting a dog’s hair can be difficult, it is best to let professional groomers do the job. These grooming routines are something you should pay attention to before looking for Pomerian puppies near me and decide to adopt a Pom puppy.

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