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Teacup Pomerian for Sale: What to Know Before Buying


Teacup Pomerian for Sale: What to Know Before Buying

Are you looking for a Teacup Pomerian for sale? Well, you will find it easy to get this pup since it is very popular. But, make sure that you know everything about Teacup Pomerian before adding this little cutie to your family.

It’s the Smaller Version of the Adorable Pomerian

Teacup Pomerian is originally the smaller version of Pomerian that makes the pup look more cute. It only weighs 3 to 6 pounds on average. Due to the tiny size of the Teacup Pomerian, this breed will be perfect for small apartments. This little fur baby will make a great option if you want to have a small companion after hard days.

Teacup Pomerian is popular, especially for first-time dog owners since it is lively, heartwarming, and sociable. It is even known to be gentle around kids. Not only that but this little breed also has a quite long lifespan, 10 to 12 years. However, the Teacup Pomerian dog price is quite expensive. It usually sold over $12,000.

Appearances of Teacup Pomerian

Speaking about Teacup Pomerian, of course, the most distinguish thing of this pup is its tiny size. However, you need to know that the size is not the only interesting thing about the pup. It has a lovely double coat that feels so soft when you touch it. You can even choose shorter haircuts for the pup if you want to spend less time for grooming. Teacup Pomerian’s tail is also fluffy and it has unique ears.

The average size of of Teacup Pomerian for sale is 7 inches. However, you need to know that the size variant of the dog is not recorded officially. In this way, you might find a Teacup Pomerian that is larger than 7 inches in the market. 

There is also a wide range of option for Teacup Pomerian’s colors. The breed comes with 13 different color options and red is the most popular one. Some other colors that become the favorite of Teacup Pomerian’s breeders are blue, merle, cream, beaver, and tri-colored.

Health Concerns

Before purchasing Teacup Pomerian for sale, you have to consider things that often become the health issues of the pup. Since this dog has a small size, its bones are quite fragile. Some health conditions that are often linked to Teacup Pomerian also include hypoglycemia, hydrocephalus, dental issues, and respiratory issues.

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