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Recommended Medium Dog Breeds for Families


medium dog breeds for families

Medium dog breeds for families are a lot. Many people prefer to pet medium dog breeds because they are just perfect in size, not small and not big. They are also ideal for kids. By petting a dog, you can teach your kids about responsibility and love towards animals. Below are some recommended medium dog breeds that are suitable to pet within families.

Golden Retriever

It cannot be denied that Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds to pet for families. It is because this dog is extremely fun and friendly. This family dog is smart and easy to train. They can also play for hours with your kids. Golden Retrievers are also good at adapting to new environments. For intermezzo, this dog is believed to have saved a lot of lives in his daily life.

Labrador Retriever

Besides Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers are also popular as a family dog. This dog is the only dog accepted for fire hazard detection training. They are a good option for families because Labrador Retrievers are very fun and lovely. They love to play, protect, love, and the most important thing is that they are reliable. This dog breed is a genius, they can quickly learn a new trick.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a brave, confident dog. As you already know, police officers always use this one of medium dog breeds for families. It is because German Shepherds can easily accept orders. They also do not doubt to protect their families when necessary. German Shepherds are one of the most faithful and loyal dog breeds. They are a soft, loving dog for the ones they love. However, do not ever try to make this dog angry unless you want to be in danger.

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are an energetic, smart, and friendly dog that can stay calm among the noise in the house. This dog is very suitable for a big family. They are ideal for toddlers because Bull Terriers do not complain much when toddlers mistreat them. This dog is cute, fun, lovely, and protective. But they are quite energetic and require a lot of play time. They are very protective towards the family who pet them. The price of Bull Terrier is quite different from the Pomerian dog price.

Those are the recommended medium dog breeds that you can pet as a family dog. There are still other breeds, such as Beagles. So, which medium dog breeds for families you want to pet?

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