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Affordable Dog Breeds You Can Pet


dog breeds price list

Dog breeds price list – Do you want to pet a dog at your home, but you are tight on a budget? Then, you can adopt one from a shelter or buy affordable dog breeds. There are some dog breeds that will not make your bank account suffer from buying them. Below are affordable dog breeds that you can pet.


Poodles are categorized into 3 variants depending on their size, which are standard, toy, and miniature. A lot of people have kept poodles at their homes because this dog breed is extremely cute and friendly to kids. Generally, poodles have a unique body shape with a round head and a long muzzle. Their ears hang down because they are quite long. The fur colours vary quite as well, ranging from black, white, grey, and brown. Poodles have curly fur that makes them look even cuter.

Poodles are a great option if you want to pet a small dog that loves to play. The price of this dog breed varies, depending on many factors, such as the size, fur, gender, and others. But it is estimated that the price ranges from $105 to $702.


The next one of dog breeds price list is Beagles. Beagles are famous as a hunting dog, though they are not as big as other hunting dogs. One of the reasons why this dog breed is used as a hunting dog is because of its sharp sense of smell along with high hunting instinct. Physically, beagles have big, floppy ears. Their bodies are fairly muscular with a strong jaw. Their tails are strong and long. Beagles are super active so that you should allocate your time to play with them.

Just like the Pomerian dog price, the Beagle price depends on its age, gender, and the breeder where you buy it. Baby beagles range from $42 to $105. Adult female beagles are usually sold at $140 to $210 and adult males can cost twice as much as adult female beagles.


Pomeranians have a small body and short muzzle. Their expressions seem that they are always on guard. This dog breed looks very cute, thanks to its soft, think fur and round eyes. Take note that Pomeranians are noisy, especially if they suspect something alien. However, they can adapt well in a new environment. The price of this dog breed quite varies. Pomeranians under 6 months old can cost between $140 to $421 – dog breeds price list.

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