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Pomeranian Dog Breed: How to Buy Them and How Much Does It Cost


pomeranian dog price chennai

Owning a Pomeranian dog as a pet is a dream come true for most people. With its fluffy fur and cheerful personality, a Pom could be your best friend while at home. Understandably, its popularity makes Pomeranian dogs easy to get from various breeders in different countries. Especially in India, this dog breed has become increasingly popular.

So, how much is Pomeranian dog price Chennai? How to buy a Pomeranian dog in India? Before diving into the topic of Pomeranian dog prices in India, we should understand the characteristic, treatments, and history of this dog breed.

Characteristic and Treatment

The name Pomeranian was taken from a province in Germany called Pomerania. They became popular when Queen Victoria showed some of her Pomeranian dogs in a conformation show.

Pomeranian dog breed is a descendant of a large sled dog breed. After a long period, the dog becomes increasingly smaller in size. Some common characteristics of Pomeranian dogs are easy to train, intelligent, and agile. Therefore, it is common to see a Pomeranian participate in a dog agility contest.

Pomeranians are known for being very affectionate with humans. However, this dog will need constant affection and care due to its intolerance of being left alone. This dog breed is also known for its quick adaptation to the apartment environment. While so, Pomeranian is also known for its loud and long barking.

Various Pomeranian dog price Chennai is available. On average, Pomeranian can reach the height of 26 cm tall and weigh up to 3.175 kg. Although small, this dog is known for its fierce personality and aggressiveness towards even bigger dogs. So, if you own other dogs, it is best to socialize Pomeranian with other dogs first.

In terms of treatment, it is best to keep a Pomeranian in the house with a cold temperature. High heat and humidity can cause a Pomeranian to get heatstroke. Grooming is also recommended for this dog breed. However, grooming a Pomeranian is not easy. So, bring the dog to a professional groomer. When bathing the dog, it is best to use cold water.

Pomeranian dog price Chennai

Similar to other dog breeds, it is recommended to buy a Pomeranian dog in India from a responsible breeder. Avoid getting a Pomeranian from a puppy mill and pet store as they are usually careless with the dog. In terms of color, Pomeranian comes in a wide variety of colors. Some of the most common colors are red, orange, white, brown, and black.

Pomeranian dog price Chennai could go from 3000 to 8000 for 36 days old pup. The price seems to differ between breeders. For better information regarding Pomeranian dog prices in India, you can browse several online dog breeder forums. As a dog owner, you should also consider additional costs for grooming, cage, and food.

Although the Pomeranian dog price in India is various, there is one other thing to consider. You should also consider getting pet insurance for your dog. Pet insurance is essential in case some unfortunate event happens to your dog. Pet insurance can help you avoid paying a large amount of money for dog healthcare. Not only that, the cost of surgery for your dog can also be reduced.

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