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Mini Pomeranian Price in India: Where to Buy the Dog Breed

mini pomeranian price in India

Are you looking for a mini Pomeranian dog in India to buy or adopt? Well, for a first-time parent of this dog breed, you might find it a bit overwhelming to get the best one for your needs. From the mini Pomeranian price in India to tips on how to take care of the dog breed, you should be well informed. But, worry no more. This page will show you everything you need to know about the rightest place to purchase the dog breed before making it a new addition to your home.

Mini Pomeranian Cost in India

The cost of a mini Pomeranian in India usually ranges from ₹1,000 to ₹6,500. This price is considered less expensive if compared to most dog breeds in the country. However, some factors like the initial quality of the puppy, the Pom’s pedigree, and breeder reputation also become key factors that influence the price of the dog. The better the quality of the puppy and the breeder, the higher price that you have to pay for the mini Pomeranian. 

Not only that but, the location where you live in India also affects the cost. If you live in a large metro city in India like Mumbai, you are likely to pay a higher price for the dog breed compared to those who live in rural areas of the country. 

Why a Good Breeder?

To get a high-quality teacup Pomeranian, you are strongly suggested to purchase it from trusted breeders. They are usually professional dog breeders that know about puppies they sell well. Though the mini Pomerania price in India through a reputable dog breeder is higher, it can be guaranteed that your Pom is purebred. Furthermore, there will be no health issues related to the puppies since they are bred well. If you buy a mini Pom in India, you can also get the guidance and support that you need to take care of since the beginning. 

Buying from Pet Shops

As for pet shops, the lineage of the puppy is often questionable. This is because there is no way for you to validate the lineage of the teacup Pomeranian. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of the puppy since all puppies are cute. Keep in mind that the cuteness of the puppy doesn’t guarantee the genetic purity and health of the mini Pom. If you want to purchase a mini Pomeranian from a pet shop in India, make sure that you do the following things.

  • Meet the puppy’s parents as well as the breeder.
  • Insist to see the mini Pom along with its mother.
  • Ask for KCI certification for both the parent dogs and the puppy.
  • Make sure that you go to the breeder’s home to witness yourself in the environment where the puppy is bred and raised.

Purchasing from Puppy Mills

If you want to buy a mini Pomeranian in India, it is better to avoid a puppy mill. This is because a puppy mill usually operates to generate profits and the well-being of the dogs raised there is not a priority. Additionally, you will find it easy to identify puppy mills. These people usually raise some breeding pairs in a small space at once.  

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