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Pomeranian Dog Price In India

Lots of people have Pomeranian or we can call it Pom. These cute fluffy dogs are famous all around the world. What about in India? How do people take care of Pom? Is it a nice dog for children? Is the Pomeranian dog price in India reasonable? Let's find out.

Intelligent Fluffy Cuteness That Worth With Pomeranian Dog Price In India

Pomeranian Dog Price In India

There are so many kinds of dogs in the world. Based on their size, we can find big or tiny dogs everywhere. There are dogs with short or long hair. Some of them have straight or curly hair. Their color and pattern also vary. Every dog lover has his own choice. Pomeranian is one of the choices.

Pomeranian is a small dog that has a foxy face. It has nice fur that makes them look cute. The small size doesn't mean it can't bark loudly. Dog lovers that live in apartments should consider their neighbors that might feel discomfort with this bark. Otherwise, the dog owner should train their dog not to bark that much.

Pomeranian dog is known as "the little dog who thinks he can". Although the size is small, most of them don't think that way. They sometimes challenge bigger dogs that could take them into trouble.

This dog is cute, but it is active and compact. It is capable of competing in agility. It can be a good choice as a family friend. As it has small size and has cute look, children love them.

Having Pomeranian as part of the family already spread all over the world, even in India. So that it is acceptable if people ask about Pomeranian dog prices in India.

The Way To Care Pomeranian

Pomeranian Dog Price In India

Every breed has a special character. The character of Pomeranian dogs is their cuteness and intelligence. This breed has long fur after the head so that it appears like a coat on its neck.

A dog need a place that makes them free from stress. They need love and attention so that they become a friendly friend for the family. The owner could train Pomeranians so that they can live happily even in a closed living situation like an apartment. Pomeranian dog price in India has not mattered anymore when the owner found that their dog is so cute and nice.

Pomeranian has a low capability of hot weather. Pom owner mostly keeps their Pomeranian inside.

The fur on their neck is a special part of their look, but also a problem for some dog owners. The owner could feel worried about taking care of Pom just because of the neck fur. While brushing that part regularly is enough. Lately, some Pom owners do cutting hair regularly so that this coat won't be a problem.

The bonus is that the Pom will look like a baby bear. Be sure to let the expert do this fur cutting for the safety of your dogs. Although the Pomeranian dog price in India is not always connected to their look, keeping them in good condition is the owner's responsibility.

Pomeranian Dog Safety

Pomeranian Dog Price In India

It is a popular breed since a long time ago. Many famous peoples have Pom. Michelangelo has a Pom that watched him paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel where the pom sat on a satin pillow. Isaac Newton, a physicist, had a Pom named Diamond. This Pom reportedly chewed many of his manuscripts. Mozart was also known as Pom lover. His Pom was named Pimperl. Mozart dedicated an aria for Pimperl.

This dog is nice for a family companion, although it is recommended that very small children shouldn't allow playing with this dog. Baby or small children can make Pom hurt accidentally.

On the other side, this small and attractive dog could be perceived as the prey for eagles, owls, hawks, and many other wild animals. It is wise for Pomeranian owners that they don't let the Pom outside unattended. When you see carnivore bird around your neighborhood, be sure to always watch your Pom or stay close so that discourage birds won't try to carry the Pom off.

Losing this cute family member as it catches by a wild predator is not only about pomeranian dog price in India, but also about the safety of your neighborhood.

Grooming And Caring

Pomeranian Dog Price In India

Many people love Pom as it has a nice appearance by the coat on their neck. This makes Pomeranian dog price in India is fantastic. It is not hard to keep this coat always looking good.

First, you can brush the coat using a pin brush combined with a slicker brush down to the skin. You can do this weekly so that the hair won't be matting.

Dog nails grow and this can cause some trouble for Pomeranians, as they are active. Keep the nails short. You can do this yourself using a pet nail cutter.

If you don't believe in this, you can ask for help from an expert. Some pet shops offer full groom services, such as bath, brushing, ears, nails, and anal glands. Once full groom every four to six weeks is enough to keep your Pom nice and clean.

We can find a lot of smiley Pomeranian's pictures online as they can show this smiley face. So it is important to keep their teeth clean. You can brush your Pom's teeth during the grooming session.

Training Trick

Pomeranian Dog Price In India

People love dogs as they can teach the tricks. You can teach the dog to do common orders such as sit, round, and stand. But you also can teach them to jump into a big ring, race, play dead, or many else. Pomeranian dog price in India become fantastic as people are interested in Pom's ability.

Since you bring your Pom home, you should train them to walk on a leash and come when called. The keys are consistency and patience. Once you succeed with this early training, you can continue to the next ones.

Don't train them to jump from bed or high location as this activity can cause joint injuries or break a bone.

Having a trained dog will be nice so that the Pomeranian dog price in India will be reasonable with their intelligence and becoming a good family member. 

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