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How to Care for a Baby Chihuahua

How to Care for a Baby Chihuahua

There's a heap to grasp and love concerning the small Chihuahua.

If you wish a pet that may virtually slot in the palm of your hand, then a Chihuahua puppy is precisely what you're trying to find. Young Chihuahuas could seem just like the most helpless things within the world, however, your baby is going to be fine if you take care of it properly.


Chihuahuas square measure a touch high maintenance, however gathering adequate provides for your new hirsute friend may be a should despite the breed. New food associate degreed water dishes also as an adjustable collar and leash square measure staples. raise the puppy's original owner or caretaker what complete of food he was raised on and grab a bag of that, too. If your pup goes to be home alone for hours at a time on an everyday basis, you will wish to speculate in some "piddle" pads or a litter box.


As Chihuahua house owners across the globe already recognize, this little breed may be a bit fastidious concerning feeding. they're naturally scrawny as a result of their bodies store little fat. this can be why you wish to feed your dog an equivalent range of meals at equivalent times each day. Puppies between one and three months previous ought to get four meals per day, in line with Happy path Chihuahuas. Puppies between three and vi months solely want 3 daily meals, whereas adults solely ought to be fed double. Feed your Chihuahua on an individual basis from your alternative dogs if he has to bother finishing his meals before his buddies come back to assist him out.

How to Care for a Baby Chihuahua


Schedule a vet appointment for your puppy as before long as you'll. He might not be too happy concerning it, however, it's undoubtedly in his best interest. raise your vet what vaccinations square measure needed or suggested. virtually every jurisdiction within us needs dogs to own a minimum of a lyssa vaccinum. alternative common vaccinations for young Chihuahuas embody distemper and animal virus, each of that square measure preventable and extremely contagious diseases. Chihuahuas have loads of energy, thus make certain you play together with your puppy and take him for walks throughout the day thus he will unharness some steam.


Hypoglycemia is one in all the largest health issues for young Chihuahuas. Missing one or 2 meals will place their blood glucose levels hazardously low. If your pup suddenly becomes languorous, dizzy or loses consciousness, then you wish to consult a vet promptly. you'll treat the immediate symptoms of hypoglycemia by rubbing syrup or a sugar answer on your dog's gums, in line with the Chihuahua Club of America.

Newborn Care

If associate degree parentless kid Chihuahua has found his means into your care, then you've got your work cut out for you. you may bottle-feed your puppy with a milk replacement answer for a few months. raise your vet or associate degree animal shelter representative to advocate a domestically on the market milk replacement for your pup. you may feed your baby each hour or 2 throughout the day, thus expect to become a stay-at-home parent for a short time. perpetually wash your hands and wrap your puppy during a clean artifact once you feed him. Gently rub his abdomen together with your thumb for a number of minutes throughout and once feeding to stimulate his systema digestorium.

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