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Pomeranian Dog Price

Pomeranian has a long history in human life. Pure breed Pomeranian has, similar to other pets, usually has a high price. But it doesn't mean the other can't have a high price, because the price depends on many factors. What factors affect Pomeranian dog price? Let's find out.

Many people have an idealism that they only want to raise the pure breed as an honor. While others only need the look and personality. For any of these groups, knowing the factors that affect the Pure breed Pomeranian dog price is an improvement of knowledge.

Pomeranian dog price is connected to many factors. Here are five of them.

1.      The Pure Breed Dog

Pomeranian Dog Price

The name Pomeranian comes from the region in Central Europe. This breed becomes famous since 18 century when Queen Victoria shows up that she has one of this cute breed. This breed has soft and long fur with a small body so that it looks like a furball.

They bark with a usually small but loud voice. They love to play and be nice to other animals. Children will love this breed as the Pom's face is friendly and their size is hugable for children.

Pure breed Pomeranian has a nice personality that makes them recommended as a family member. This foxy face bred is nice to people -even children-, loyal to the family, active, and can alert to strangers.

Proper training will make them able to do a lot of tricks so that the family will have fun.

2.      The Age

Pomeranian Dog Price

Pomeranians can live until 12 to 16 years. It is long enough to share fun and their nice personality with the family who raises them. Pomeranian dog price will be worth it with this long life joyful days with the Pom.

The age of the pom affected the price. Peoples prefer to buy Pomeranian Puppies because it is easier to train puppies than mature ones. Usually, they bought the 6 - 8 weeks old puppies as at that age they are not dependent on their mother milk only and able to adapt to a new house. At this age, the puppies will be easier to train and follow the rules of the new owner.

Pomeranian puppies cost high enough, but the price will reduce as they grow older. If the price is too high but still wants to take Pomeranian as a new family member, find an older Pom. Pomeranian dog price is also affected by the season, where usually in winter the price will be cheaper.

3.      The Color

Pomeranian Dog Price

Pomeranian is identical to the combination of their personality, fur, coat, and foxy face. These factors could affect the Pomeranian dog price. A pure breed that has special fur color with a naturally friendly personality will raise the price.

Some Pomeranian has an exotic color that naturally appears as the DNA combination happen. This also can raise the price, although it might vary individually as exotic colors are rarely happen.

Pomeranian price is also affected by the trend of dog lovers. In a time, white Pomeranian might be on the air, so that the price of it is raised. But when the trend ends, the price will be normal again.

4.      The Certificated Dog 

This time, not only the endangered animal that has the certificate. Most pets, such as cats and dogs have a certificate that shows they have a bloody history and are bred by the breeder that follows the rules. The certificate could guarantee that the dog taken is the one with personality and condition similar to the family above them. This is important, especially when planning to take the pure breed and going to breed them.

The legality of the dog can affect the Pomeranian dog price.

Some people love to join dog competitions. Usually, the pure breed has its class which is only can compare to the same pure breed. Winning such kind of competition will raise the

Pomeranian dog price. It is common that dog competition winners to sell at an amazing price.

5.      The History

Pomeranian itself has a long history to be as famous as this time. We already know about Queen Victoria in 18 century. But many other present famous people also love this breed. Name it Hillary Duff with her Toy Dog name Macy, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Keanu Reeves, and many others. Their appearance with the Toy Dog makes this breed famous. Although the Pomeranian dog price is fantastic, it is not a problem because this breed offers a lot of joy.

The other side of history is about each Pomeranian itself. Every dog is special, such as humans. Every dog has its personality that differentiates them from others. Choose a Pomeranian means you will meet a unique personality that might be completely different from other dogs you know.

Naturally, Pomeranian has a personality such as smart and vivacious. They love to meet new people, but bark for a stranger or something out of ordinary. They can get along with other pets, even they are not dogs. This tiny body has a big mind so sometimes Pomeranian challenge bigger dog because they think their body is as big as others. This can cause them in danger. Pomeranian puppies are usually curious and playful. They love to be held by people.

When a dog has clear history, you can find the parents, especially the mother so that you can ensure that your dog has a good personality like their parents. But this is an internal factor, you are still able to train your dog so that it can socialize well around your house.

Overall, you might don't mind all those factors because what you need is the dog itself. The good news is, those factors are conditional. What happening this time might change tomorrow. Just follow your heart and know what you need so that you can choose the best dog that suits it. High price dogs might be unnecessary for some conditions, but it suits others. Be sure to know what you need about these four feet family members.

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