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Pomeranian Puppies—The Good and the Bad about Them


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Most dog lovers in India prefer big dogs like Doberman, Golden Retriever, or Labrador. But for those who love smaller dogs, they usually choose Pomeranians because of their friendly nature and outgoing personality. The demand for cute Pomeranian puppies is very high; no wonder the Pomeranian dog price in Patna can be pretty expensive. 

Maybe you are still wondering whether to get a big dog or a cute lap dog like Pomeranian. To help you make a decision, we have compiled a list of the best and worst traits of Pomeranians.

The Goods

·         A Convenient Size

If you like small dog, Pomeranians are one of the best choices. This breed is a good option for small houses because it is easy to make them run out of energy. A thirty-minute walk is enough to keep them calm for the whole day. It is easy to clean up after their poop and pee, and it is also easy to carry them around. 

·         A Playful and Loyal Friend

Pomeranians are known as very playful dogs. They have high energy and love to spend time with their owner. They are very obedient and can easily develop a strong attachment with their owner.

·         Easy to Train

Pomeranians are smart and attentive. So, it is easy to train them. They respond really well to brain-stimulating activities and don’t get bored easily. Poms are very eager to learn because they love making the owners happy. Just make sure you have a lot of treats when you are training them.

The Bads

·         A Light Sleeper

Just because Pomeranian dog price in Patna is pricey, you should not expect them to be perfect. If they are not well-trained, they can develop some behavioral issues, for example, barking. 

Pomeranians are watchful dogs. They can be triggered by the smallest sound even when they are sleeping. If they feel threatened, they will bark continuously, which can be very annoying.

·         Vulnerable to Injuries

Small dogs are prone to injuries, especially if they are very active like a Pomeranian. It is also possible to accidentally step on them since they always want to be near you. To prevent any injuries, make sure to do some activities that let them spend their energy. Most importantly, make sure that you accompany and pay full attention to your dogs when they play to prevent unwanted injuries.

·         Extra Time for Coat Care

The pretty coat is one of Pomeranians’ best features. However, it is not easy to take care of the fur. If you don’t have time to brush them daily, then Pomeranian is not the best dog for you. Brushing Pom’s fur every day is a must to prevent matting that could make them uncomfortable.

So, what’s the verdict? Do you still want to buy a Pomeranian? This dog is very cute and loyal, definitely worth the price. Even though Pomeranian dog price in Patna is not cheap, remember that when you buy them, there will be one less lonely dog that will have a place to call home.


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