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Five Reasons to Choose Chihuahua as Your Furry Companion


chihuahua for sale

If you are currently looking for Chihuahua for sale, you have made the right decision. Chihuahua is notorious for their barks and growls when they see something they don’t like or when someone enters their “territory.” But behind that tough appearance lies a soft cuddly dog that can be a perfect furry companion for you. Don’t hesitate any longer; here are some reasons you should get a Chihuahua.

They Are Extremely Loyal 

Chihuahuas are not aggressive. They are territorial. They protect things they love and consider precious. If your Chihuahua gets angry when someone or another dog gets too close to you, it is because they feel protective towards you. This is something you should be proud of because the dog has chosen you.

However, of course, this is not acceptable behavior. Once the Chihuahua arrives at your house, make sure to give them proper training to control their territorial behavior. They are allowed to be loyal, but they must not growl at and scare others.

Easy to Carry Around

Many people choose Chihuahua because they are so small and easy to carry around. You can easily hold them in one hand, go to a dog-friendly cafĂ© and enjoy a morning tea with the company of your beloved dog. 

If you have a small house but want to own a dog, choosing a small dog like Chihuahua is best. It is easy to handle them, and they don’t need much space to run around. A stimulating physical activity in the living room will be enough to spend their energy.

Perfect for Playing Dress Up

We know that dogs are cute, but do you know what is cuter? Dogs wearing blouses! The best thing about a Chihuahua is you can play dress-up with them. It is easy to find dog clothes for a small-sized dogs, and since they are very obedient, they will be happy no matter what you dress them as.

A Great Alarm Dog

Chihuahuas might not be able to be a guard dog. They are very sensitive towards their surroundings and naturally careful towards strangers. A 12-inch dog hardly will scare anyone. But their loud noise and powerful barks can be an excellent alarm system that warns you in case of intruders.

Not a High Maintenance Dog

Most Chihuahuas have short hair that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Unlike Pomeranians or Samoyed that need a regular daily brush to prevent matting, Chihuahuas only need a weekly bath and lots of belly rubs. They are not high maintenance and don’t require a special hygiene routine. 

However, you still need to pay attention to their hygiene and health. Remember to trim their nails and give them a bath. If you love putting clothes on them, make sure to wash the clothes as well. Furthermore, pay attention to their attitude and take off the clothes if you sense that they don’t feel comfortable. Chihuahua is a great dog. With some patience and training, they can make a great family dog. So, what are you waiting for? Find a Chihuahua for sale right now and let them color your life.

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