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Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy Breeders

The Deer head chihuahua puppy is a dog breed that is often used as a pet at home. However, this puppy only likes to hang out with his family members. He will be sensitive when meeting other people. As a small dog, you can take this chihuahua puppy anywhere, it can be put in a small bag that you carry.

From the many interests of dog lovers, information about the deer head chihuahua puppy is often sought after. Both about how to care for it, its habits, where to get it, etc. For that, in this review, we will discuss deer head chihuahua puppy breeders. Let's see the article below.

General Information About Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy

Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy

For those of you who are interested in becoming the deer head chihuahua puppy breeders, it would be better if you recognize the characteristics of the chihuahua puppy. As its unique name suggests, this dog has special characteristics that make it a chihuahua dog. Here we present the information:

1.      Has a head that looks like a deer. The reason is, they have ears that stand upright forming a 45-degree angle when viewed from the front. And when viewed from the side, the head and muzzle have an angle of 90 degrees.

2.      Chihuahua dogs have dark eyes and noses.

3.      Chihuahua puppies have a small hole on the top of their head when they are born, but will disappear when they grow up

4.      He also has 2 types of fine fur, namely short fur and long fur with solid colors such as black, brown, white, cream, striped, and tan.

5.      The weight of this chihuahua dog only ranges from 4-7 kg, with a height of about 28 cm.

6.      The body is compact with a tail that is not too long.

7.      Life span can reach 10-18 years.

Based on his personality, this deer head chihuahua puppy has a friendly, fun, loyal nature to his owner, has high intelligence, and is a good responder. If they already know all their family members then they become calm and shy. However, if they do not know people, they will become more protective and aggressive.

The characteristics of the chihuahua dog above are what make it easy to recognize and attract attention to be kept.

Duties Of A Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy Breeders

Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy Breeders

One of the responsibilities of a deer head chihuahua puppy breeder is training their dogs. This is because chihuahua puppies are bred as shepherd animals. They do have a small stature, but they are strong animals and have a good sense of smell. For this reason, this dog is also an added value for people who want to keep it.

Training a deer head chihuahua puppy is not difficult, you just need to interact more intensely with them so they can be recognized as their owners and don't think of you as a stranger. However, like deer head chihuahua puppy breeders, you also have to be fair and firm. When the puppies succeed in doing something you commanded, then give them a compliment or reward. Likewise, when they make a mistake, also give a warning gently but still while correcting the mistake.

For that, if you decide to keep a chihuahua puppy, then make sure you know its properties and characteristics so that you can provide the right treatment, attention, and care

How To Care For A Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy

Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy

As we have said above, when you have decided to become a deer head chihuahua puppy breeder, you must be responsible for taking good care of it. Well, here we present ways to care for a chihuahua dog.

1.      Feed according to the portion. For chihuahua puppies, feed them 4 times a day at a rate of 25 grams of soft dog food per serving. Meanwhile, for adult chihuahuas, feed 2x a day with the same portion sizes but the maximum protein content is 28% of the main food composition.

2.      Check his health regularly to the doctor so that his weight remains under control and there is no disturbance in his growth.

3.      Provide a special place to play outside the cage so that the chihuahua puppy is not stressed.

4.      Place the cage in a room that gets enough sunlight, because the chihuahua dog can't stand the cold. In addition, sunlight is also good for health.

5.      Make sure the cell pestle the body hygiene of the chihuahua dog for his comfort. However, do not bathe it too often, once a month is enough.

6.      Don't forget to always comb the hair with a brush comb from head to tail so that the dirt that sticks outfalls.

7.      Invite the chihuahua dog to do light exercise outdoors to be healthier and form an ideal body. If you want to take him out of the house, do not be more than 300 meters, unless he is more than 1 year old. The addition of walking distance should also be done gradually so as not to be surprised.

Tips For Buying A Chihuahua Puppy Deer Head

Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy Breeders

For deer head chihuahua puppy breeders, here we share tips on buying a deer head chihuahua puppy:

1.      If you want to buy a chihuahua puppy that is still small, then buy it at least 2 months old. Also, make sure they have been vaccinated before you take them home.

2.      Also make sure the chihuahua puppy you are going to buy has health insurance, at least 10 days from the time of purchase.

3.      If you buy a chihuahua puppy from abroad, then make sure the dog is complete with document files such as periodic checkbooks and pictures of the mother dog.

4.      You must also know the origin of the dog so that there is no misunderstanding.

To get this chihuahua puppy, you can go to a pet store near you. These puppies are sold at quite affordable prices, depending on the size, place of birth, gender, and what breed you will choose as a pet.

Well, that's all the information we can convey regarding these deer head chihuahua puppy breeders. Hopefully, it can be an inspiration for those of you who want to keep it. So, see you in another review!


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