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Short-Haired Dogs : Best Breeds and Grooming Needs

Short-Haired Dogs : Best Breeds and Grooming Needs

Looking for a pet which will like a bit less grooming? hairy dogs may be a good choice, simply confine mind that low-maintenance coats don’t continuously equate to a low-maintenance pet, and there area unit variety of issues to require under consideration (like energy levels and personality) before selecting a companion.

Our list of short-coated dogs below includes some doable temperament traits, yet as grooming wants, however before you check it out, take into account the following:

Do hairy dogs shed?

Most dogs shed to a point and hairy dogs aren't any exception. the quantity a dog sheds, however, will rely on the breed. Some dogs with long, fine fur are also low-shedding compared to their hairy counterparts.

And some short-coated dogs will shed heavily. however on the complete, hairy dogs area unit comparatively simple to groom, their fur won’t mat or tangle, and regular brushing will facilitate keep the shedding (and fur on your furniture) treed.

How do I groom a hairy dog?

For most smooth-haired dogs, a tough rubber brush or grooming mitt can do. If your dog contains a thicker coat, use a brush. Move within the direction of the fur as you sweep, and take care of the attention and ear space. Brushing 1-2 times every week ought to be ample to get rid of dead or loose hair.

Short-haired dogs ought to even be bathed regarding once a month, and, rather like different dogs, they’ll like their nails cut, teeth brushed and ears cleaned with a humid artifact.

Which area unit the simplest hairy dogs?

That depends on your wants. hairy dogs and short-hair puppies are available sizes that vary from massive and medium to little, will have high or low energy, and are available with personalities that vary from silly to serious and snuggly to stubborn. the proper dog for you depends on what you’re searching for in a very companion, yet because of the dog’s wants.

Ultimately, your call shouldn’t be created on breed alone, however, these hairy dog breeds list may be a good place to begin your look for replacement succor.

Short-Haired Dogs : Best Breeds and Grooming Needs

Boston Terrier

The Boston bull may be a succinctly engineered, square-proportioned, short-backed, clean-cut dog. This breed conveys the impression of determination, strength, sturdiness, liveliness, and style, with a sleek carriage. The Beantown retains several of the attributes of his Bulldog ancestors, however in a very clean-cut package that produces a handy house companion. The short fine coat, with distinctive markings, adds to the current breed’s natty look.


Unlike most breeds, the origin of the Boston bull is well documented. Around 1865, the coachmen used by the rich folks of Beantown began to breed a number of their employers’ fine dogs. one in all these crosses, between associate English hunting dog and a Bulldog, resulted in a very dog named Hooper’s choose. He and his offspring provided the muse for the Boston bull.

By 1889, the breed had become sufficiently in style in Beantown that the Yankee Bull hunting dog Club was fashioned, however, this planned name for the breed wasn't well received by Bull hunting dog fans. The breed’s nickname, roundheads, was equally inappropriate. Shortly when the breed was named the Boston bull when its birthplace.

The Boston’s rise from nonentity to AKC recognition was meteoric by trendy standards because the breed was recognized by the AKC in 1893, but twenty years when the breed was born. Breeders continuing to hunt larger consistency. In early years, color and markings weren't notably vital, however by the first decennary, the breed’s distinctive markings had become a necessary breed feature. The handsome very little Boston bull quickly gained favor throughout America, ranking jointly of the foremost in style breeds within the early to middle decennary and retentive nice quality nowadays.


The Beantown is devoted and sensitive to his family’s desires and moods. This dog is well-mannered inside however saucy and selfish (especially enjoying ball chasing) whenever the prospect arises. Somewhat stubborn, Bostons area unit withal clever and learn pronto. Thy area unit reserved with strangers, and a few are also assertive toward strange dogs and will be introduced fastidiously. Some bark a great deal.


This is an active dog that wants daily exercise and interaction together with his family. They love games, and most of their exercise necessities are met with a romp within the yard or a brief walk on the leash. Some Bostons wheeze and snore, and plenty of don’t tolerate heat well. The coat needs solely lowest care, associate occasional brushing to get rid of dead hairs.

  • Major concerns: noneMinor concerns: sesamoid bone shift, stenosed nares, elongated palate, allergies
  • Occasionally seen: hearing loss, seizures, cataract, demodicosis
  • Suggested tests: knee, eye, hearing
  • Life span: 10–14 years

Note: This breed doesn't tolerate the warmth and is sensitive to anaesthesia. Bostons area unit liable to tissue layer abrasions. Caesarean deliveries area unit unremarkably required.




10-25 lb




Terrier, Mastiff, Bull


United States



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