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Royal Canin Boxer

Nowadays people are considering their pets as their family members. They are often treated as part of the family that makes each of them inseparable. We can see family bringing their dogs or cat to family gatherings because they don’t want them to miss the chance to meet other family members. Since people are now more conscious about the importance of their pets for other family members, pet owners are now willingly learning about the detailed behavior of their pets so they won't make them uncomfortable or feed them wrong.

There is a lot of type of dogs breed, they are different in term of size, behavior, diet, and even characteristic. Some people might prefer small breed because they have limited space in their apartment, while others choose bigger size dogs. After all, they can join you in daily sports activities because they are more energetic than a small dog.

One of the dog breeds that are commonly found is Boxer, in terms of size boxer is bigger than any other dog. One of the characteristics of the boxer is his muscular body, it is the reason why his diet needs to be specific because the food he eats needs to provide nutrients for his large size.

However, you don’t need to be worried, because Royal Canin Boxers are now available, so you can provide the right food for your dogs without being concerned if the food is suitable for their metabolism or not. Before we discuss how Royal Canin Boxer help you to control the diet of your pers, let's see some of the aspects of the dogs that you might find fascinating.

Why Do People Choose a Boxer as a Pet?

Royal Canin Boxer

Many people choose a boxer as a pet because they are expressive, it does not only express their mood on their tail but also their whole body. The dogs can be easily excited when you ask them to join you for a walk, they can jump, run around and do many things to express their excitement. This type of dog is suitable for active people who love to do exercise outdoors because the boxer itself is an athletic and energetic dog.

Since the boxer is muscular and athletic in body size, the Royal Canin Boxer has developed foods that can support its unique characteristic. Royal Canin Boxer has developed food products that control healthy muscle mass, as well as support healthy cardiac function. In other words, this food will lessen the risk of your dog getting diseases that affect its cardiac muscle.

Boxer is also a loyal protector, it is the reason why this type of dog is very aware of their surrounding. They easily detect strangers in the house and inform you about it, but you don’t need to be worried because this dog is not aggressive to its owner instead it can be very clingy to the people he is close with.

Another reason why people choose a boxer as a pet is that this dog loves almost any type of sports activity, whether you prefer running, walking, swimming, cycling, etc. You will always have a friend to work out with.

Boxer Health Condition

Royal Canin Boxer

If you are considering having a boxer breed as your pet, you need to consider some of the aspects that are on the following list.

The life span of a boxer can be varied, generally, it can live up to 8 years, and sometimes it can live more than 10 to 11 years depending on whether there is a health condition or not. Unfortunately, a boxer will often have some medical problems as he grows old but it is normal because other dogs also experience the same but might have different symptoms.

The common problem of a boxer when he reaches 8 years old is the loss of hearing, so if your old dog doesn't listen to your instruction it might not be a sign of rebel but it might probably relate to hearing problems that are caused by its old age. Boxer is also prone to heart disease, it is the reason why the Royal Canin Boxer is designed to reduce the possibility of heart disease for your dog. Although Royal Canin Boxer has provided balance nutrients for your dog, you still need to take him doing exercise to ensure his good health.

Does the Boxer Need Supplements?

Royal Canin Boxer

Giving your dogs some health supplements is necessary, although Royal Canin Boxer is equipped with complex nutrients to support your dog's good health. There are some nutrients that you cant get from Royal Canin Boxer so an additional supplement might be necessary if your dog has a certain condition.

Some boxer owners usually give their dogs joint relief supplements, probiotic blends, immune system support. You need to remember that supplements should not be given very often, you only need to give them to your dog when you think it is necessary. If your dogs are healthy with no health condition then giving their supplement is not required. You should not give supplements when it is not recommended by the vet.

The Benefit of Royal Canin Boxer

Royal Canin Boxer

Royal Canin has a health benefit for your boxer because the food is designed to fit your dog's health condition. The food is designed to support the ideal muscle mass on your dog, it also gives your benefit in helping your dog to have a healthy cardiac function, it is optimizing the functions o bones and joints, and the food design will also be easier to chew. The food is professionally designed to ensure that your dog can get the best as well as lessen the possibility of diseases that are commonly associated with the boxer breed.

In conclusion, we can say that boxer is suitable for an active person as well as a family who wants a pet as well as a family guard. Although boxers might prone to some serious illness, we can minimalize the possibility by giving them suitable food. Besides food, the boxer also needs regular exercise, so you need to take them out regularly to maintain its athletic and muscular body. Giving supplement is needed if it is recommended by the doctor, do not give them additional supplements without recommendation. 

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