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Cruza De Chihuahua Y Poodle

Not only humans who have mixed ancestry, but dogs are also the same. Mixed breeds or commonly known as mixed dogs usually come from the offspring of dog parents of different types. Not infrequently also the combination of each dog's characteristics produces lovely puppies. 

For dog fans, mixed breeds are indeed quite in demand. They do the effort for breeding two different types of races. The results will be much better and unique if the process and stages are good. But if not, of course, most of them will be a little disappointed with the results. Well, some of them that are successful will give birth to a new breed that is no less funny than purebred dogs. One of the examples is cruza de Chihuahua y poodle. You can imagine how cute this dog is. Below is some collected information about facts and the diet for this mixed breed.

The Origin of Cruza De Chihuahua Y Poodle

Cruza De Chihuahua Y Poodle

Dogs are one of the animals that are usually kept as pets at home. Dog loyalty is the main reason someone wants to keep it. Indeed, dogs are known as obedient animals to their owners. Dogs can feel what their owners feel. So, it is an ideal and loyal friend especially if you stay alone.

But not all types of dogs can be kept because some types of dogs are dangerous and can even take a person's life. One type of dog that can be kept is a poodle. A poodle is a type of dog that has smooth fur and an adorable appearance. In addition, poodles are also known as a breed of dog that has many talents. Now, many breeders are mating this breed of dog with other types of dog. Cruza de Chihuahua y poodle is the product of dog breed from a poodle with Chihuahua. 

These types certainly have the special characteristics that make people fall in love with. If the original breed of each of these dogs has fans, then the mixed breed of cruza de Chihuahua y poodle also has people who are interested in it. So, what are the original characters of these two types of dogs? How to care for a mixed breed? Is it easy or complicating? 

One of the characteristics of poodles is their cute fur that is different from other types of dogs. These feathers can be arranged at will by the owner according to taste so that it looks more beautiful. Plus, the poodle's fur is of better quality and doesn't fall out easily.

It is a smart dog. It can learn lots of funny tricks quickly if it is trained from infancy. In addition, poodles like games and any kind of activity, as long as they don't sit still. It is one of the most active dogs. Dogs originating from Germany can also survive for a dozen years. Now, the poodle has even become a typical dog in France.

Poodles are not so troublesome to maintain, because their fur doesn't fall out easily. This dog does not smell like other dogs. It can be said that poodles are intelligent, funny, and clean. However, it turns out that poodles are animals that like to sleep because an adult poodle can sleep a dozen hours a day.

Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world but that's what makes it known and loved. The height of the Chihuahua is only 25 centimeters. It also weighs only 2-3 kilograms. The heaviest was only about 4 kilograms. The name Chihuahua seems to come from China. Chihuahuas originate from Mexico where there is a mountain called the Chihuahua.

This dog is a type of dog that is smart and obedient. Also, it is easy to train. That's what makes Chihuahuas loved by every owner. Apart from being clever and obedient, the mini size makes the owners pay attention to always protecting this little dog. Chihuahua's appearance is very unique. The Chihuahua is not a type of dog that can run fast. 

The mixing process of these types surely brings many differences in the treatment. Although both have susceptibility to genetic diseases, mixed dogs have a higher percentage. With the right training, Cruza de Chihuahua y poodle can grow up to be a great companion. No breed of dog is better than another.

What Should I Feed My Cruza De Chihuahua Y Poodle?

Cruza De Chihuahua Y Poodle

Before deciding which type of Cruza de Chihuahua y poodle you want to keep, make sure you know more about the proper care including the types of food for them. You can do the right treatment for your beloved dog.

There are many types of food choices for dogs that are sold in the market. It varies from dry to wet food. Make sure you know the right type of food for your mixed breed. The most important thing in preparing food for poodles is to provide nutritious food. That is rich in protein and calcium. Avoid feeding poodles Chihuahua mixed raw meat, dried fruit, fried foods, onions, and garlic.

You can use the application and ask the vet directly about the right portion for mixed dogs. Of course, the serving of each dog will be different. Meeting the nutritional needs and proper nutrition for pet dogs will help dogs avoid various health problems that will be experienced. In addition to food, you also need to provide enough clean water every day to keep your dog well hydrated.

Fun Facts of This Crossbred 

Cruza De Chihuahua Y Poodle

Pets are often special friends who bring their happiness to lonely people. Even its existence can be very meaningful and irreplaceable. They can reduce stress, relieve nervousness, and their behavior makes us love this pet. Dogs are well known as human friends who are understanding and loyal. Here are some facts about this adorable mixed breed.

  • Cruza de Chihuahua y poodle has various names to call. It comes from the derivation of these types (Chihuahua and poodle). They are Chipoo, Choodle, Chipoodle, Poochi, and Poohuahua. 
  • They can adapt well if you are caring for it.
  •  in an apartment. However, it has very sensitive characteristics. 
  • It is a good idea to bring a Chipoo to a big family since it is affectionate with a family member. The other fact is this dog is friendly to kids. So, you should not be worried to adopt it.
  • It is quite easy to groom and easy to train, too.
  • It has an average of 12 to 15 years of lifespan. Of course, it should be treated and kept well with good supplies and treatment.

There are still many interesting facts about this cute dog. Are you interested to care about this crossbreed? Or do you have special experience treating Cruza de Chihuahua y poodle dog? Feel free to share it below. 

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