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Deer Head Chihuahua Average Lifespan

Keeping a dog at home can be one of the fun hobbies, considering that dogs are smart and obedient pets. Keeping a dog at home is not only about feeding it but also ensuring its health is maintained by taking care of it as much as possible. We do need to spare the time for only keeping and caring for it. That’s why before deciding to keep a dog at home, make sure you first convince yourself that you will consistently take care of the dog. 

If your intentions are strong and sure, you can start moving on to find out the types of beautiful dogs you can keep and how to take care of them. Chihuahua is one of the beautiful dogs you should put in your bucket wishes. However, you are suggested to find the relatable information including deer head Chihuahua average lifespan. Below are some interesting facts and information you may need a lot.

Types for Chihuahua Dog Based on the Head Shape

Deer Head Chihuahua Average Lifespan

For dog lovers, it is certainly no stranger to the Chihuahua dog species which is known to have very agile body movements. Chihuahuas are indeed very popular among other dog species because they have a small body size and adorable faces. These can attract the attention of many people to care for them as pets at home. 

Known as a mini-sized dog, Chihuahua is one of the most popular dog breeds. The characteristics of being agile, smart, but not mischievous make Chihuahuas easy to train and become the favorite of every owner.

Based on the shape of the head, Chihuahua dogs are divided into two types. They are deer heads and apple heads. In addition to the shape of the head, these two dog breeds also have several other differences, such as size, body shape, and the health risks they have. Understanding these differences can help you take better care. Since the features are different so the apple head and the deer head Chihuahua average lifespan may be different as well. 

Chihuahua deer head has facial characteristics that resemble the face of a fawn. A small head, long muzzle, large ears, and sloping forehead are the hallmarks of this Chihuahua dog breed.

The Chihuahua's deer head is generally bigger than the Chihuahua's apple head. They can reach 30 centimeters in height and weigh up to 4.5–5 kilograms. These dogs also have longer legs and necks which makes their appearance more elegant. Deer heads may be larger because breeders do not care to keep their size small.

Apple head Chihuahuas have a wide, round head resembling an apple. Their eyes are large and often protrude from their heads due to the dome-like shape of their skulls. Apple head Chihuahua has a short snout. Their body size is also smaller than the Chihuahua's deer head. The average height is 12–22 centimeters. The weight is approximately 1–3 kilograms. Their legs and neck are shorter too.

Apple head is more prone to health problems. As a result, it may be risky for some diseases. Then, it can influence the apple head lifespan shorter than deer head Chihuahua average lifespan. The sharp angle at which their muzzles meet their heads puts them at risk for breathing problems, such as sneezing, tracheal collapse, and brachycephalic airway syndrome. These conditions can lead them to snore and become uncomfortable.

How is Their Lifespan? Get to Know the Deer Head Chihuahua Average Lifespan

Deer Head Chihuahua Average Lifespan

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed compared to other dog breeds. This dog has short fur and tends to be bald. However, this animal is widely kept because of its cuteness. The Chihuahua dog is a type of dog that is classified as alert and brave despite having a small body size and being easy to play with.

Although it has a small body size, Chihuahua can survive for a very long period about 17 years. However, one important thing you should know is that the Chihuahua is a dog breed that is very susceptible to diseases such as hypoglycemia, joint disease, and eye infections. In addition, obesity is also one of the reasons Chihuahuas have a short lifespan.

Deer head Chihuahua average lifespan is much related to the way we treat it. Better qualities of treatment such as selectively choosing the feed are one of the keys to keeping it healthy and having a longer lifespan. The longest life of a Chihuahua could reach 20 years old with deer head Chihuahua average lifespan is close to 12 to 20 years old. 

At first, you decide to bring it home, you need to check and make sure it does not have genetic issues. The worse condition of a Chihuahua is not only affecting the deer head Chihuahua average lifespan but also affecting the health condition. In the worst state, it may lead to a dead dog. Owners should check their health thoroughly including the teeth and ears health. 

Cardiovascular is still being the number one reason for dog death. It is easy to attack a dog with more than 13 years old life. That’s why to maintain the deer head Chihuahua average lifespan you can be more sufficiently knowledgeable with the symptoms of this disease. So, you can ask the medical help as soon as it shows the symptoms and indications.

Our Life is Better with Deer Head Chihuahua

Deer Head Chihuahua Average Lifespan

If you like to see dogs in a sweater, this cutest dog is the ideal choice. These dogs do not like cold and wet weather. Chihuahuas will hide under blankets and curl up for warmth from their owners. 

On the other hand, the nature of this race was counterintuitive. Chihuahuas can make super perfect watchdogs. It may not be chasing a thief, but a Chihuahua is sure to make a lot of fun when it is in danger. The personality and behavior make the Chihuahua dog suitable as a human reminder of potential threats.

The small size of a Chihuahua doesn't mean it can't benefit from fun catch games or playing with its owners. A bored Chihuahua can be a spoiled puppy. Chihuahuas are mighty and active and breed cheerfully. They spend most of their life is indoors. If you are looking for a dog as a long-term companion, this breed does quite well.

Training for Chihuahuas might be something to consider. It also is beneficial for increasing the deer head Chihuahua average lifespan. Cages help Chihuahuas stay safe from threats. Even though it is a safe place, it must meet the requirements for Chihuahua dogs to enjoy and spend time outside.

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