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Can Humans Eat Dog Food? Find The Answer Here!

Can Humans Eat Dog Food? Find The Answer Here!

 For those of you who have pets at home, have you ever been tempted to taste pet food? Or maybe wondering, can humans eat dog food? Do not worry, you are not the only person who is ever wondered what would happen if humans ate animal food. Many people have tasted their pet dog, cat, or fish food. Then, what happens after humans eat animal food?

Pet foods, such as dog and cat food, are usually made from several food ingredients commonly consumed by humans. Like a mixture of beef and fish. Even so, pet food is not recommended for human consumption, because there are several side effects, for example, food poisoning. Here is the explanation that has been compiled by Royal Canin to answer the question, can humans eat dog food?

If you try a tablespoon of pet food, it is probably still fine. According to Dawn Jackson Blatner, a nutritionist who is a member of the American Dietetic Association, this is because the human body already has an adequate system for removing toxins or harmful substances consumed. The liver, kidney, and skin organs can excrete all foreign substances whose structures are not recognized by the body.

Three things need to be clarified, first, dogs and cats do not t have the same sense of taste as us, so their food will not taste good to us. Second, the sanitary requirements for processing are not the same as for food intended for humans, and third, the digestive systems of dogs and cats are very different from ours.

Certain varieties of dog food have added synthetic vitamin K known as menadione (vitamin K3). The research mentioned this vitamin is toxic to humans in high doses. The amount of menadione in commercial dog food tends to be low, but it is still not recommended for humans to consume it regularly or in the long term. So, if you are unsure whether your dog's food contains vitamin K3, contact the manufacturer for information.

One thing that often makes humans tempted to try their pet food is because of the smell. Moreover, cat or dog food has many flavors, for example, beef, tuna, and salmon.

Can Humans Eat Dog Food? Find The Answer Here!

Can Humans Eat Dog Food? No, It Will Cause Allergies for Humans

Eating dog food can be dangerous for humans because we do not fully know what ingredients are in it and what ingredients are classified as safe for the human body. Allergic reactions have the potential to occur when there are chemical substances or other components that are unknowingly allergens for some people. 

Children who have pets at home are sometimes curious to taste dog food. If a child eats dog food, the poisoning that occurs in the children can be more dangerous than the poisoning experienced by adults. Poisoning can be a life-threatening risk for children because their immune system is not perfect like adults. 

Can Humans Eat Dog Food? No, It Will Make Humans Poisoned 

The risk of humans experiencing poisoning after eating dog food is quite high. If food for humans is often easily exposed to and contaminated with bacteria and various harmful germs, dog food is much easier. Contamination often occurs in the processing of dog food so humans are not advised to consume it. Apart from the method of processing dog food, improper storage also makes it easy for dog food to become contaminated with bacteria. Several types of bacteria that are likely to infect the human body after eating dog food are:

        E. coli.




Food poisoning can also cause a range of symptoms, ranging from very mild to life-threatening. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal cramps need to be watched out for as a sign of poisoning and treated medically as soon as possible. Therefore, humans should not carelessly eat dog food.

Can Humans Eat Dog Food? No, Dog Food’s Nutrition is Not Made for Humans

Several types of food are not suitable for humans but are often consumed by animals. Bones, worms, blood, ash, taurine acid, or the innards of livestock. These materials will be crushed and then processed to unite. So, that the shelf life is longer, the pet food will be dried so that it looks like biscuits or snacks for humans. Sometimes pet food is made from other ingredients or additives that are not listed here.

Food for animals does not have the same regulation as food for humans. Because animal food will contain several animal parts such as chicken beaks, bones, and animal hair. The point is dog food is not designed for human needs nutrition. Even though the ingredients are made using food that is safe for human consumption.

Can Humans Eat Dog Food? No! Because Sometimes Dog Food Has Cellulose

Cellulose is a highly digestible source of pure, raw fiber, which comes from wood. In pet food, this fiber is included to help satisfy hunger or stabilize stool consistency in sensitive dogs.

Because of this, cellulose is often specifically included in formulas that target weight loss, for example, as well as in foods designed for puppies or older dogs. But you may be wondering why is cellulose used in food. That's because if other sources of crude fiber are included in the formula in the required amount, this will lead to an increase in the amount of stool, as well as an increase in flatulence.

The Impact of Using Cutlery Used by Pets

Pet saliva has some bacteria and viruses that can trigger disease in the human body. The disease is usually transmitted through touch, and bite, and sometimes it can also be through the food/drink consumed. The diseases that are transmitted can be infections such as rabies, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, skin diseases, and digestive disorders. It is best to avoid mixing cutlery that has been exposed to animal saliva with the cutlery that we use every day. Meanwhile, if the cutlery has been washed clean, the risk of disease transmission will relatively decrease. However, if you are still unsure, you can perform sterilization techniques such as immersing it in a container filled with boiling water or using a sterilizer.

It is also important to know that most pet foods are labeled 'unsuitable for human consumption' (Royal Canin already has this label). Animal food is not toxic to humans, but it is neither ideal nor recommended.

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