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Royal Canin Small Breed: Cutie Furry Playmate Feeding


Royal Canin Small Breed: Cutie Furry Playmate Feeding

Do you have a cute little furry playmate? Make sure your loved one consumes the Royal Canin small breed. It is to energize them to run in the park while companying your day. Although this small breed of dog comes in small size, the activities are more or less similar to the regular dogs. They can catch a ball that you throw, they also catch a stick. Physically, they are smaller so it is obvious that they reach their destination slower than regular dogs. However, they can compete with the regular ones in other aspects.

The Size of the Breed

Among the whole breeds (large, medium, small) small is the tiniest. If you already know both sizes, the small breeds are those that don’t belong to large and medium. From the weight point of view, dogs that belong to this category are less than 20 pounds weight adult age. The height is the standard weight and is the guide for the owner and the vet to monitor the dog’s health. A weight that is far from it could be a sign of a disease or malnutrition.

The Energy

People might assume that the cutie and adorable breed dogs don’t have big energy to do activities. Surprisingly, they have a big energy in their tiny body. Some people make the analogy that the characteristic of this breed is like entering a mountain of energy into a mini body. Some other people think that dogs just need less food. No, it can be both right and wrong depending on the activities. The owners of course want the best for the pet. Royal Canin small breed is the right choice.

Feeding the right food according to the breed is important. Each breed has different needs and amounts of food. However, the nutrients that they need are a lot. Due to the small size (that is assumed to have a small belly) the food for the small breed is more concentrated.

Why the Food is Different from That Of Medium and Large?

Royal Canin Small Breed: Cutie Furry Playmate Feeding

This a great question because most people think that all dog breeds are dogs. They eat the same things. Their need for nutrition is different. Besides, the right food helps to optimize health and avoid dogs from diseases. Keep in mind that small dogs have high energy and metabolism but they stay in the tiny physical body. That is why they need different foods.

Here are the detailed differences between the small and the large family.


What’s inside is different from the outside. The large breed dogs might run faster and need a shorter time to reach the destination. Uniquely, the metabolism is the otherwise. The large one has slower metabolism, as well as the duration to reach fully grown. The big ones need more time to be claimed an adult dogs.

Bones and Joints

The bones of the large breed are big and grow slowly like human bones. The perfect food less energy to make the joint and the bones relaxed. Meanwhile, the small breed is the otherwise.

Food Changing

Because of the fast metabolism and short duration to reach fully grown, the small breed’s diet also changed fast. Once they reach another phase of life, they need different food with different amounts of nutrients.

Choosing the Food for Your Small Furry Friend

Picking food for the pet needs some considerations. The requirement for the small breed dog food are:

Zero Additives

The food must be additives-free. The ingredients of the food should come from a natural source. As we know that nature is the most perfect material provider. The nutrient content of the natural source is great. If humans avoid synthetic substances to be healthier, so do the dogs. Try Royal Canin small breed because the ingredient fills the requirement. The artificial ingredients are not good for the body and even cause diseases if their usage is for a long time.

Rich in Important Substances

So, many brands out there foreground the non-benefit ingredients to fill the product’s quantity. Some use crappy ingredients as a substitute for the primary ones. Some boost the carbohydrate content. What the dogs need are omega fatty acids, proteins, and calories. The first two deal with energy and metabolism. Consuming enough substances make the dog strong with good body metabolism. The calories support the energy to make them move agilely.

The Right Size

Size here refers to the kibble. A small body is completed with a small mouth and teeth. Although their teeth are sharp and strong enough to chew the regular size of kibble, it will make the jaws work harder. The big kibble is also not good for their digestion. There is no guarantee that the dog will chew until the food becomes small pieces.

They just swallow after some chewing without controlling the size of the food inside their mouth. Their digestive system also works harder in breaking the big food. So, the Royal Canin small breed that is available in the ideal size for a small furry friend is the best choice.

The Right Nutrient Combination

With the complete nutrient, the dog’s whole body and organs can grow well. The good one is providing the amount of every substance in the ideal portion. Fibre helps the dog to deal with too much water intake. Complex carbohydrate helps with metabolism and fasten the energy recharge process.

The Best Food for the Small-Breed Dogs

The bonding between the pet owner and the pet itself is really strong. The pet can also help to alarm the owner if they are in danger or if a suspicious stranger is sneaking into the house. To make them grow well, give them the best. It lengthens their happiness and their life span. Don’t forget to consult the vet to know the detailed condition of the pet. Give good treatment to keep them neat and clean so both physical and mental are stably balanced. And, give Royal Canin a small breed to complete the daily diet.

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