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Royal Canin Poodle: 5 Feeding Guidelines

Royal Canin Poodle: 5 Feeding Guidelines

 Is Royal Canin poodle worth it? To find out about this needs a small research and observation on the dog food. First of all, you have to know that every breed has different needs and preferences. Of the two things, the need is the primary one because it will affect the nutrient intake for growing. Poodle itself has some varieties that have different sizes.

Each has a different need because of the size gap. The kind of poodles according to size are toy poodle, miniature poodle, medium poodle, and standard poodle. The physical characteristic of this breed’s fur is curly and thick. This unique fur shape makes this breed special. The color is also varied making it even cuter.

The Poodle Feeding Rules

To make the dog healthy and happy, a special diet has to be done. The future is derived from the recent treatment. To have healthy and happy adult dogs (and later if the dogs do reproduce, the puppies will be healthy too), the nutrient has to be noticed. We have to give balance substances to build good bones, healthy fur, and fast running performance. There is a guideline that we can follow.

See The Ingredients

Pet owners should focus on one ingredient that often gives an issue of allergy, which is grain. Digestion is very important because it is the source of energy for the dog. If the dog has a gastrointestinal problem, then the most suitable kibble is grain-free food. However, there is always a misunderstood.

When the owner changes the food to grain-free, there is no progress in the health. They blame the food (which is not always right without observation done by the veterinarian). Anyway, if the poodle does not tolerate any grain, the pet parents should consider traditional meat.

Wet and Dry

All kinds of dogs are expected to eat dry food. Teeth and gum will be better if the pet eats that. However, the individual preference of the dog is not to be ignored. If the dog likes wet food better than dry one, there is nothing the owner can do except follow what the dog wants.

The owner just has to be patient in cleaning the food container all the time. However, try harder to make the poodle like dry food because too much-wet food can cause the stool to become watery.

The Portion

The portion is depending on some things. The first is the season. Animals tend to eat more in the winter. They have to survive the cold weather with the fur and the fat around their bodies. The next consideration is the food. Homemade food needs to be measured by the weight of the body. Instant food also needs weight but homemade one needs extra accuracy.

The third is the calorie. If the owner gives the instant food, the calorie information is already on the table. The last is the condition (including the activity and the health of the dog). The active dog will require more food to recharge its energy. Also the pregnant and the dog in recovery after sick will need more food. Furthermore, the pregnant female and the nursing mother need a special diet so the parent is better to consult with the vet.

Feeding Frequency

Based on the age of the dog, the frequency is also different. Give the Royal Canin poodle according to the rule. For the very young puppy that still drinks breastmilk from the mother, there is no limitation. The puppy babies can have the meal as often as they want. The owner will be a little handful with the cleaning activity but that is for the sake of health. Always check the food stock. Give the fresh one because puppies at this age need it very much.

For the puppy or the three months old (and older) the meal is better to be more discipline that is three times a day. Between meal times, a snack is also required.

For an adult, Royal Canin poodle can be given two or three times a day. A standard-size one can even just have one meal in a day (plus a snack). However, it doesn’t mean that the adult must have just one meal. Individual preference and condition are the two things that have to be noticed. Just like a human, dogs can also be eaters.

Food Changing

Sometimes the dogs need food changing because of many reasons. The most reason that often happens is the suggestion from the veterinarian. The digestion needs adaptation for approximately one month.

Then, the dog will be completely comfortable with the new food. The food switching simulation goes from the first week where the old food is served 75% (25% is the new one). In week two the previous food is 50% and so is the new one. In week three the previous food is 25% and the new one is 75%. In the last week, 100% serving is the new one.

Why Pick Royal Canin Poodle?

Royal Canin Poodle: 5 Feeding Guidelines

Among so many brands in the market, Royal Canin poodle has popularity. It is not about fame but it is about the quality and the value of money. As we know that there is an old belief that money talks about quality. It is sometimes true, but Royal Canin poodle gives the best product at the best price. With the wide range of pet food, we wish to provide the best food at a valuable price. So, the pet will be healthy and the pet parents are happy to spend the money on such a beneficial thing. We have a big obsession with pet health and put it our priority.

Since 1968 we have been providing the best nutritious food for your furry playmate. The journey of finding the best formula also takes serious research. If you own a poodle breed as your lovely pet, give the best food. Royal Canin poodle will give the right nutrient with the complete calorie information, so you won’t get any difficulty in measuring everything.


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