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Starting the Healthy Life of a Happy Pet with Royal Canin Puppy Dog Food

Starting the Healthy Life of a Happy Pet with Royal Canin Puppy Dog Food

 Royal Canin puppy dog food gives a good nutrient to the cute little ones. This kind of pet food has been so famous for a long time even to many people who do not own a dog as their pet. The evidence shows a good result if the owners feed it to the pet. We only make pet food with healthy and important ingredients. In a pet shop, veterinarians and nutrient experts almost always mention Royal Canin as the reference.

Food for Puppy

The question on the differences between grown-up dog food and puppy hits the top. Most dog owners also ask about the necessity of mixing dog food with water. Here are some insights into whether it is needed or not to add water to dog food.

1.      Consider the Age

Dog babies that are about to wean from their mother’s milk, will feel uncomfortable in their gum. During this time, the teeth are ready to grow and make even more uncomfortable. In this case, adding water is suggested. The water will soften the crackers and makes the feeding process smoother. To control the ability in eating food, reduce the water supply gradually. Don’t forget to check the mouth condition to approximate the food served.

2.      Consider the Dog’s Preferences

Like humans, animals also have unique appetites. A dog might like dry crackers, the others might like moist crackers. Find out the dog’s favorite food by giving various servings. See the body language. If it is eating ravenously and looks happy, maybe that is a favorite. Give a different kind of serving then make a comparison. However, some people worry that the dog prefers the softer version of the food. Will it be okay? The answer is no problem. Soft food doesn’t cause terrible things to the dog.

3.      Giving the Food for the First Time

Changing food is sometimes hard. However, water can help. To attract the dog with the new food, add water to it. The water will foreground the aroma and appetize the dog. Later when the dog has already gotten used to consuming it, the water can be reduced.

4.      Problem with the Teeth or Gum

The mouth might have problems such as disease on the gum or the tooth (teeth). Dry food tends to make it worse. So, adding water is one of the solutions to keep the food intake balance in hard conditions.

5.      Doctor Recommendation

The veterinarian who takes care of the dog might give suggestions. After observing the pet’s condition, the owner will be told what must do. If it is suggested by a veterinarian, just follow it for the best.

Why Do Many People Often Mention Royal Canin Puppy Dog Food

Based on the small observation, Royal Canin is very popular. Those who don’t own a pet are so easy to remember and mention it. These are some possible reasons behind its popularity.

·         The Cost

It has a reasonable price for such good pet food. It never hurts your finances so you can still handle your finance well.

·         Availability

Because of its popularity, so many stores have this in stock. Whether canned food or dry one can be grabbed at the pet shop nearby.

·         The Nutrients

Royal Canin puppy dog food contains an important substance for growing and for health. Among the pet food in the market, we can say that this can compete hard with the others.

·         Good Food for Every Condition

The pet owner can serve the food to a completely healthy dog or to a dog that requires a special diet. In this case, it is controlled by the veterinarian and follows the instruction. For acute disease, the diet is strict and should be on time.

·         Good Composition for Special Condition

Both health and under health care dogs can eat the food from RC brand. Also, the female dog with a particular condition like nursing and pregnancy can consume it too. When the dog has a digestive disorder, it can eat this too.

·         Rich in Food Variation

The food is divided into some categories and ages so it will fulfill any dog with various conditions.

The Benefit And Reason for Giving Royal Canin Puppy Dog Food

Starting the Healthy Life of a Happy Pet with Royal Canin Puppy Dog Food

A puppy is a young dog that needs a lot of care. At this age, it is prominent to give the right nutrient to start its life ideally. The owners will be happy to see healthy dogs. However, the more important is the happiness and the health of the dog itself. To make it perfect, good nutritious food starts from pregnancy and nursing times.

If those times are filled with good food, then the newborn will be ready for the next nutritious food that supports its growth. All kinds of the dog must pass this phase well to be happy and healthy. The food should be okay to be consumed by any breed. The portion might be different based on the breed size.

During the weaning process time, it is suggested to give 4 meals a day for several weeks. Not just at that time, some special times (such as in the transition, etc) the meal number also 4 times. In discipline, the eating routine or time, give the food at the same time each day. If it is needed, take a note as a reminder. Constant feeding will form a good habit and good digestive health. For transitioning or changing the feeding schedule due to health conditions, do it slowly to keep their belly comfortable.

The important protein for the digestive system and prebiotics will make sure the puppy’s belly is healthy. Some substances are also very important for their immune system. The puppy and the older one have different endurance toward disease. Building the system from an early age is great to reach the healthy adult dog. The bones also need to be promoted so they will become strong and tough. Imagine the pet running fast with a healthy body. Royal Canin puppy dog food will make that dream happy pet comes true.

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