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About Pet Adoption | I’m Adopting a Cat. Now What?

About Pet Adoption

Sara Kent, Director, Shelter reaching, Petfinder

Be ready ought to be your mantra once transfer a replacement pet into your home. Cats are notably sensitive to new surroundings and a few might hide below a bed or during a closet for days or maybe weeks.

You can avoid pitfalls together with your new fauna and facilitate him or her adapt a lot of simply by following these guidelines:

Before You Bring Your Cat Home:

Cats are territorial, and coming back into a replacement home leaves them feeling extremely uneasy. There’s all that undiscovered area, and UN agency is aware of what might lurk there. Do him a favor and supply a tiny low space to decide his own for the primary few days or weeks. a toilet} or laundry room works well. Furnish the space with cat amenities, like food, water, and a litter box. You’ll wish to pay time together with your cat, therefore make certain there’s a cushy place for you to take a seat additionally.

Fill a litter box with one or 2 inches of litter and place it in his space wherever he will use it undisturbed. After all, everybody deserves a small indefinite quantity of privacy once pottying, and giving him which will facilitate forestall litter box aversion. ensure that litter to choose? explore a way to select A Cat Litter.

Set up a feeding station with food and water bowls. find it removed from the litter box. For a lot of cat feeding and nutrition tips, visit our Cat Nutrition section.

Cats like to go away from it dead little places, and you'll give one for your new cat as his own very little refuge. If he came to point a cat carrier, that may be an honest alternative. you'll additionally build one by cutting an entranceway for her within the finish of a box. If you like, you'll get a lined cat bed at a pet provide store. In either case, make certain the area is large enough for the cat to square up and switch around in. Cat “feng shui” most likely needs that he or she be ready to see the door to space from his hidey-hole, therefore he won’t be surprised.


A cat’s claws got to be worn down, and that they do that by scratching on things. Since you like that it was not your chairs and seat, give your cat with a socially acceptable scratching place. Some varieties ar fabricated from cardboard and lie on the floor; others ar posts that need to be tall enough so the cat will extend himself upward to scratch. you'll encourage your cat (once he has arrived) to use the post by sprinkling it with Nepeta cataria or support a toy at the highest. He’ll get the concept. You’ll most likely desire a scratching post in every space wherever there are soft furnishings, maybe block access to that. you'll additionally install sticky tape (available at pet provide stores) to corners of upholstered furnishings to advise scratching. Don’t miss the following pointers on a way to impede on kitty’s scratching, a way to select a scratching post, and facts concerning declawing cats.

Look at your house with a curious cat’s eye read for its mounting and exploring the potential. once your cat is acclimated to your home, you'll be shocked to search out him on prime of the higher room cupboards, therefore make certain there’s nothing on show there or on different high shelves which will be broken or knocked off.

Look for holes or registers that leave ductwork accessible and canopy them up. A kitten will simply travel into one in all these. You won’t wish firemen within the house, jackhammering the concrete floor to extract your cat.

If doable, get a cat tree for your new loved one. Cats wish to survey their territory, therefore a high perch is usually a popular resting place.

If their ar different human members of the family re-evaluate the bottom rules concerning your new pet. prompt them to not startle him and to stay the door to his space shut.

Bone up on a way to introduce your cat to different pets. Keep her door closed and don’t let your different pet race in unexpectedly. See also: New Cat Introductions and Living with Cats and Dogs.

About Pet Adoption

First Day:

Now, you're prepared for your cat’s homecoming. Preferably, bring her point a cat carrier. it'll feel safer to her. She has seen a great deal of pleasure, therefore take her on to her new space. (Make positive the bathroom lid is down, if she’s to adapt in your lavatory.) Ideally, you'd prohibit her exposure to the entire family, however naturally, most are about to wish to envision her. prompt them of the bottom rules you’ve discovered.

Sit on the ground and let her come back to you. Don’t force her. simply let her get familiar with on her own time. If she doesn’t approach, leave her alone and take a look at once more later. Some cats ar notably frightened, and she or he might come back to her hidey hole and not start off once you’re around in any respect. She might solely start off at the hours of darkness once the home is quiet. provide her time.

Your recently adopted cat might not eat a lot of or in any respect initially. It’s best to convey your cat identical food she had at the shelter or in her menage, a minimum of initially. Keeping some things acquainted can build her feel safer. take care to alter her water oft and make certain that she is drinking. If your cat hasn’t eaten up for some days, decision your vet to elicit recommendation.

Following Weeks:

It may take your cat every week or 2 to regulate. Be patient.

Within every week of being adopted, take your recently adopted cat for her initial eudaemonia visit with a vet. If you have got a record of immunizations from the shelter, take it with you. Don’t have a vet? explore the following pointers for locating the proper vet for you and your cat.

As your cat adjusts, she’ll show signs that she desires to explore outside her refuge. make certain different pets or members of the family won’t startle her whereas she step by step expands her territory. She is also able to play, therefore you'll furnish some toys. several cats like feather wands from the pet provide store, however homespun toys ar usually favored. A wad of a tissue to bat around or a carrier bag to cover in may be fun. For a lot of concepts on a way to keep your cat diverted see Keeping Your Cat from becoming bored.

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