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Chihuahua Dog Breed Information


The Chihuahua dog breed‘s charms embrace his little size, outsize temperament, and selection in coat varieties and colors. He’s all dog, absolutely capable of competing in dog sports like lightness and obedience, and is among the highest ten watchdogs suggested by specialists. He loves nothing over being together with his individuals and needs a minimum of grooming and exercise.


Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group : Companion Dogs

Height : half dozen inches to nine inches tall at the shoulder

Weight : three to six pounds

Life Span : ten to eighteen years

The Chihuahua could be a saucy very little hot dish and not simply because of his association with a precise fast-food Mexican edifice. he is celebrated for being the world's smallest dog, however, he could have the world's biggest temperament stashed within that little body. That epic persona makes him appealing to men and ladies alike. Fun infatuated and busy, Chihuahuas like nothing higher than to be on the brink of their individuals. They follow them all over within the house and ride on in tote baggage once their individuals run errands or buy groceries. it isn't uncommon for Chihuahuas to create an in-depth bond with one person, and that they will become terribly hard-to-please if they are overindulged. Besides being tender housemates, Chihuahuas are intelligent and quick learners. they'll vie in lightness and obedience trials with even as a lot of enthusiasm and success as larger dogs. That said, they are willful very little dogs. you will be most booming if you'll persuade them that competitive — or just doing as you raise — is fun. Use positive reinforcement within the sort of praise and food rewards once coaching your Chihuahua. He will not reply to harsh treatment. it is important once considering the Chihuahua to require into consideration his little size. Chihuahuas are curious and daring explorers. They've free from yards through little gaps within the fence and might squeeze into places that alternative puppies and dogs would not be ready to match. And albeit they have a tendency to rule the roost, they'll be accidentally cut by disorderly larger dogs. Chihuahuas aren't suggested for homes with kids below the age of eight, just because of the possibility of injury by a young kid. no matter your family scenario, it is important to recollect to socialize your Chihuahua to kids, adults, and alternative animals. Chihuahuas are wary of strangers, that makes them sensible watchdogs, however, they have to be told to fulfill individuals in a very friendly manner. it is also vital to recollect that Chihuahuas tend to forget they're little and can rise up to a bigger aggressive dog; as a result, the Chihuahua desires open-eyed supervising in new things, whereas they are on walks, and once they are within the yard. The Chihuahua's temperament and distinctive size create him a beautiful go-everywhere companion. folks that stick out Chihuahuas become dedicated to them, and lots of saying that when you share your life with one, there'll be no alternative dog breed for you.


Choose a Chihuahua stock raiser United Nations agency provides health clearances for patellas and heart conditions.

The Chihuahua could be a long breed; expect to worry for him for up to eighteen years.

Chihuahuas are susceptible to shivering after they are cold, excited, or scared. give your Chihuahua with a sweater or coat once he goes outdoors in cold or wet weather.

Chihuahuas may be unfriendly toward alternative dogs if they are not liberal once young. Chihuahuas do not go into reverse from alternative dogs and this may cause a drag if they encounter an outsized aggressive dog.

Don't leave your Chihuahua unattended within the yard. He may be attacked by a hawk, alternative birds of prey, or larger dogs or coyotes.

Chihuahuas may be reserved with strangers. select a puppy that was born and raised in a very home with tons of human interaction.

Chihuahuas aren't the simplest dog to own once you litter kids. Chihuahuas are fragile and a tot could hurt the dog whereas taking part in. Most breeders will not sell puppies to homes with kids younger than eight years.

The Chihuahua's ears may be susceptible to ear wax build up and dry skin.

Chihuahuas are happy as companions, however, they are doing would like twenty to the half-hour of exercise daily and might select for much longer than you may expect. Monitor your Chihuahua, particularly once he is a puppy, in order that he does not wear himself out.

Chihuahuas have larger than life personalities and can run your life if you allow them to. they'll be damaging once bored and might become finical eaters if their diet is fussed over. Establish ground rules and follow them or you will find yourself jilting your comfy chair as a result of your loved one pet has told you to maneuver.

To get a healthy pet, ne'er get a puppy from a curtilage stock raiser, puppy mill, or pet store. notice an honorable stock raiser United Nations agency tests her breeding dogs for genetic health conditions and sensible temperaments.



As with such a large amount of breeds, the Chihuahua's origins are unclear, however, there are 2 theories of however he came to be. the primary is that he descended from a Central or South Yankee dog called the Techichi. once we examine the proof of the Chihuahua coming back from Central and South America, we discover ourselves wanting back to the Toltec civilization. There are Toltec carvings geological dating to the ninth century C.E. that depicts a dog resembling the Chihuahua, with similar massive ears and spherical head. These dogs were known as Techichi, and their purpose in Toltec civilization is obscure. once the Aztecs conquered the Toltecs, they absorbed the Techichi into their society. several of the dogs lived in temples and were employed in Aztec rituals. The Aztecs believed that the Techichi had mystic powers, together with the flexibility to visualize the long run, heal the sick, and safely guide the souls of the dead to the underworld. it had been customary to kill a red Techichi and fire him with the remains of the deceased. The Aztecs conjointly used the Techichi as a supply of food and pelts. The Spanish conquered the Aztecs within the late 1500s and also the Techichi light into obscurity. The second theory is tiny|that tiny|that little} bald dogs from China were delivered to North American country by Spanish traders and so bred with small native dogs. no matter what theory is correct, the shorthaired Chihuahua we all know these days was discovered within the decade within the Mexican state of Chihuahua, from that he took his name. yankee guests to North American country brought the microscopic dogs home with them. They began to be shown in 1890, and a Chihuahua named Midget became the primary of his breed to be registered with the Yankee Kennel Club in 1904. The longhaired selection was in all probability created through crosses with Papillons or Pomeranians. The breed's quality took off within the Thirties and Forties, once it had been related to dance king and Latin music director missionary Cugat. Since the Nineteen Sixties, the Chihuahua has been one amongst the foremost common breeds registered by the AKC. these days they rank eleventh among the hundred and fifty-five breeds and varieties the AKC acknowledges.


The typical Chihuahua weighs three to six pounds. There are Chihuahuas that are smaller, however, they have an inclination to not be terribly healthy. Chihuahuas may be outside, with some reaching twelve or a lot of pounds. These are often smart selections for families with kids.


The daring and assured Chihuahua is usually delineated as being terrier-like. His alert nature and suspicion of strangers build him a wonderful watchdog. he is sensitive and thrives on fondness and society. Chihuahuas typically bond to one person, though they are sometimes willing to create friends with new individuals if properly introduced. Expect them to be a bit reserved initially, though. Chihuahuas are often timid if they don't seem to be properly socialized as puppies. Like each dog, Chihuahuas want early socialization — exposure to several completely different individuals, sights, sounds, and experiences — once they are young. Socialization helps make sure that your Chihuahua puppy grows up to be an all-around dog.


The Chihuahua does not have any major health issues, however, like all breeds he is often born with or acquires sure conditions. Not all Chihuahuas can get any or all of those diseases, however, it is vital to bear in mind of them thus you'll be told after you interview breeders and may understand what to appear for throughout your Chihuahua's life. shopping for from an accountable stock breeder can facilitate make sure that you get the healthiest Chihuahua attainable. A puppy from an honorable Chihuahua stock breeder are unsusceptible and dewormed before you're taking him home. accountable breeders use solely physically sound, mature (at least two years or older) dogs, and take a look at their breeding stock for genetic diseases pertinent to the breed, like luxating patellas (bum knees) and cardiovascular disease. each folk ought to have health clearances, documentation that a dog has been tested for and cleared of a selected condition. In Chihuahuas, you must expect to visualize health clearances from the orthopedical Foundation for Animals (OFA) for patellas and cardiovascular disease. you'll make sure health clearances by checking the OFA computer (offa.org). Health clearances don't seem to be issued to dogs younger than two years mature. that is as a result of some health issues do not seem till a dog reaches full maturity. For this reason, it's typically suggested that dogs not be bred till they're 2 or 3 years recent. the subsequent conditions might have an effect on Chihuahuas:

Patellar Luxation: conjointly called "slipped stifles," this can be a typical drawback in tiny dogs. it's caused once the patella, that has 3 parts-the femoris (thigh bone), patella (knee cap), and shin (calf)-is not properly lined up. This causes gimp within the leg or AN abnormal gait, form of sort of a skip or a hop. it's a condition that's a gift at birth through the particular arrangement or displacement doesn't perpetually occur till abundant later. The rubbing caused by os sesamoideum displacement will result in inflammatory disease, a chronic joint unwellness. There are four grades of os sesamoideum displacement, starting from grade I, AN occasional displacement inflicting temporary gimp within the joint, to grade IV, during which the turning of the shin is severe and also the patella can't be realigned manually. this provides the dog a bowed look. Severe grades of os sesamoideum displacement might need surgical repair.

Hypoglycemia: hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose, maybe an attainable drawback with all toy breed puppies. [Note: I actually have left this as toy breed here. there's a distinction between toy size and little dogs-the distinction, say, between Chihuahuas and Yorkies and beagles and mini dachshunds.] hypoglycemia is well treatable within the early stages however are often fatal if not treated. it's vital that breeders and house owners of toy breed puppies acknowledge the signs and symptoms as a result of this condition will generally be misdiagnosed as hepatitis or inflammation by veterinarians. A puppy with hypoglycemia can weigh down and become listless, followed by trembling or shivering. Place some honey underneath his tongue and obtain him to the vet like a shot. If the case is allowed to continue, he'll eventually collapse, come in convulsions, constitute a coma, and die. Any time your Chihuahua is limp, with grayish-blue gums and tongue, it's AN emergency. hypoglycemia happens in toy puppies after they haven't got the fat reserves to produce adequate aldohexose in times of stress or after they do not eat often.

Heart Murmurs: Heart murmurs are caused by a disturbance within the blood flow through the chambers of the center. they are AN indicator that there is also an unwellness or condition of the center which will have to be compelled to be monitored and treated. Heart murmurs are stratified on their loudness, with one being terribly soft and 5 being terribly loud. If unwellness is clear, as diagnosed through x-rays ANd a sonogram, the dog might need medication, a special diet, and a discount within the quantity of exercise he gets.

Pulmonic Stenosis: This innate cardiovascular disease happens once blood does not flow properly through the center as a result of the pneumonic valve is unshapely, inflicting AN obstruction. this suggests the center should work more durable and may become enlarged, resulting in cardiopathy. Treatment depends on the severity of the unwellness. In gentle cases, there is very little or no obstruction and no treatment is critical. If the dog is severely stricken by the unwellness, surgery is usually recommended, however, the procedure differs counting on the situation of the blockage.

Collapsed Trachea: it's not utterly understood however this happens, however, the speedy inhalation of air causes the trachea to flatten and makes it tough for air to enter the lungs, very like a soda straw being drawn on too smartly. This condition is also inherited; it happens in pure breeds, ANd dogs with it show an abnormality within the chemical makeup of their cartilaginous tube rings during which the rings lose their stiffness and become unable to retain their circular form.

Hydrocephalus: body fluid (CSF) will accumulate within the brain attributable to a defect, obstruction, or the results of trauma throughout the birth, inserting pressure on the brain. the pinnacle appearance swollen or enlarged, however, the diagnosing are often confirmed with AN ultrasound if necessary. there isn't any cure for abnormalcy, though in gentle cases steroids will facilitate scale back fluid pressure. A shunt may be wont to divert fluid from the brain to the abdomen. Puppies with severe cases sometimes die before they are four months recent, that may be a smart reason to delay buying a Chihuahua till that age.

Open Fontanel: Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot on the highest of their head. sometimes the soft spot closes, very like a baby's can, however generally one won't shut totally. Treat these dogs cautious. AN accidental blow to the pinnacle will kill them.

Shivering: Shivering may be a common prevalence in Chihuahuas. The mechanics of why they shiver or tremble is unclear however it always happens once the dog is worked up, stressed, or cold.


Despite the Chihuahua's tiny size, like all dogs, he desires exercise and coaching. the quantity of energy AN adult Chihuahua has are often stunning. He'll endlessly chase squirrels within the curtilage and is willing to play as long as you're. Chihuahuas get pleasure from walks, supervised romps around the yard, and retrieving toys. they will go till they drop, thus it is vital to creating certain they do not tire themselves out, particularly on hot days. the maximum amount as they get pleasure from taking part in outdoors, Chihuahuas ought to ne'er live outside. they are not safe from raptors like hawks, coyotes, or alternative larger dogs that might come in your yard. they're bred as companions, and also the best place for a companion is with you. coaching a Chihuahua is often an agreeable task. they're triple-crown in many completely different dog sports like legerity and obedience, however, puppy preschool and basic obedience category are vital even for a Chihuahua who's strictly a companion. Your Chihuahua can meet many alternative dogs and folks in school, conducive to his socialization, and he'll learn the manners all dogs ought to understand. Chihuahuas are as simple to housetrain as the other breed as long as you're taking them out ofttimes and on a uniform schedule. Puppies have to be compelled to leave as presently as they get up within the morning, when each meal, after naps, when leisure, and simply before the time of day. employing a crate to confine them once you are unable to supervise them can teach them that they'll manage their bladder and forestall them from having accidents within the house. If they don't seem to be created, attempt to take them out each one to 2 hours, and do not crate them for over 2 to four hours at a time except long. on the far side housetraining, crate coaching may be a kind thanks to making sure that your Chihuahua does not get into things he should not. Like each dog, Chihuahuas are often harmful as puppies. they could not do the maximum amount of harm as a working puppy, however, those very little teeth will positively leave their mark. Crate coaching at a young age will facilitate your Chihuahua settle for confinement if he ever has to be boarded or hospitalized. ne'er stick your Chihuahua in a very crate all day long, however. it isn't a jail, and he should not pay over some hours at a time in it except once he is sleeping at midnight. Chihuahuas are individuals dogs, and that they are not meant to pay their lives fast up in a very crate or kennel. Train your Chihuahua mistreatment positive reinforcement techniques like food rewards, praise, and play, and you'll presently realize that he will learn something you'll teach.


Recommended daily amount: 1/4 to 1/2 cups of high-quality dry food every day NOTE: what quantity your adult dog grub depends on his size, age, build, metabolism, and activity level. Dogs are people, a bit like individuals, and that they do not all want a similar quantity of food. It nearly goes while not voice communication that an extremely active dog can want over an idler dog. the standard of pet food you purchase conjointly makes a distinction — the higher the pet food, the any it'll go toward nutrient your dog and also the less of it you will need to shake into your dog's bowl. For a lot of on feeding your Chihuahua, see our tips for getting the proper food, feeding your puppy, and feeding your adult dog.

Coat Color And Grooming

Chihuahuas are available 2 completely different coat types: sleek and long. The sleek-coated Chihuahua features a smooth, shiny coat that matches on the brink of the body with a ruff of thick, long hair on the neck. The hair on the pinnacle and ears is diluent, and also the tail is hairy. The long-coated Chihuahua features a soft coat that is flat or slightly curly. On the body it's nearly as sleek as that of a smooth-coated Chihuahua, however, the ears have a fringe of hair, and also the plumed tail spreads out sort of a fan over the rear. He conjointly features a ruff on the neck and longer hair known as the feather on his feet. The hind legs also are coated with long hair that resembles pants — and that is what it's known as. On the abdomen is longer hair called a flounce. Besides coming back in 2 coat varieties, Chihuahuas are found in a very vary of colors and markings. they'll be solid colors like black, white, fawn, chocolate, gray, and silver yet as tricolor (chocolate, black, or blue with tan and white, for instance), brindle, spotted meal and a spread of alternative markings. Shades are often terribly pale to terribly dark for all the colors. The Chihuahua may be a wash-and-go dog. Grooming him takes solely some minutes every week. Brush him weekly with a rubber grooming mitt or a brush with short, natural bristles for a shorthaired Chihuahua and a pin brush for a longhaired Chihuahua. A toothed ectozoan comb helps take away loose or dead hair. Chihuahuas shed tiny amounts year spherical and should shed somewhat a lot of heavily — a relative term for a dog this tiny — within the spring and fall. The longhaired Chihuahua's undercoat might start off in very little clumps. Regular brushing can facilitate keep shedding in restraint. With regular brushing, a Chihuahua should not want a shower over each month or 2. Use a shampoo developed for dogs thus you do not dry out the coat and skin. Ears are a vital space to visualize after you are grooming your Chihuahua. If you smell AN odor or see wax, clean the sense organ with plant disease, employing a formulation suggested by your doc. Avoid going into the depth of the ear, past wherever you'll see. If the ears are dry on the sting, rub a bit baby or copra oil onto them. Some Chihuahuas develop tear stains at a lower place their eyes. you'll fastidiously wipe the eyes to get rid of discharge, and their ar merchandise offered to get rid of the stains. Chihuahua's nails grow quickly. Keep them cut short. If you'll hear them clicking on the ground, they are too long. the sooner you introduce your Chihuahua to beauty treatment the less trying the expertise is. At a similar time, check the pads for any foreign objects or injuries. Like several tiny breeds, Chihuahuas are vulnerable to poor dental health. Brushing their teeth will facilitate their mouths to keep healthy. Brush the teeth a minimum of 2 or thrice per week — daily is best — to get rid of tartar and bacterium. begin once your puppy is young thus he'll be wont to it. As you groom, check for sores, rashes, or signs of infection like redness, tenderness, or inflammation on the skin, within the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes, and on the feet. Ears ought to smell smart, while not an excessive amount of wax or substance within, and eyes ought to be clear, with no redness or discharge. Your careful weekly communication can assist you to spot potential health issues early.

Children And alternative Pets

Many Chihuahuas love kids, however, the mix of a small dog and a young kid are often a formula for disaster. A Chihuahua might leap from a child's hands and injure himself if he is not being commanded properly, and he will not hesitate to defend himself if he is being raped. several breeders will not sell puppies to families with toddlers for worry that the dog is bruised. Chihuahuas do best in families with quiet, older kids World Health Organization perceive a way to act with them. build it a rule that young kids will solely hold or pet the Chihuahua if they are sitting on the ground. perpetually teach kids a way to approach and bit dogs, and perpetually supervise any interactions between dogs and young kids to forestall any biting or ear or tail pull on the part of either party. Teach your kid ne'er to approach any dog whereas he is sleeping or feeding or to undertake to require the dog's food away. No dog ought to ever be left unsupervised with a toddler. although your family does not have kids, your Chihuahua must always be exposed to them once he is young thus he will not be terrified of them if he encounters them later in life. simply make certain you supervise fastidiously. Chihuahuas get on well with alternative pets within the family, together with cats, if introduced at a young age. The fearless Chihuahua can typically bully dogs abundant larger than his, and this could or might not cause issues. it isn't uncommon for the littlest dog to be the one answerable.

Rescue teams

Chihuahuas are typically purchased with none clear understanding of what goes into owning one, and these dogs typically find yourself within the care of rescue teams, in want of adoption or fostering. alternative Chihuahuas find yourself in rescue as a result of their house owners have single or died. Adopting AN adult Chihuahua has several edges. Adult dogs are typically already housetrained and have some obedience coaching, and they've already responded to the harmful puppy stage. as a result of Chihuahuas have such a protracted era, adopting AN adult dog will bring you a lot of years of enjoyable society.

  • Chihuahua Club of America
  • Chihuahua Rescue
  • Chihuahua Rescue and Transport
  • Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport
  • Chihuahua Rescue North American nation
  • Yankee Chihuahua Rescue and Adoption

Breed Organizations

Below are breed clubs, organizations, and associations wherever you'll realize further info concerning the Chihuahua.
Chihuahua Club of America, Inc.

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