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Golden retriever adopts orphaned puppies

Golden retriever adopts orphaned puppies

CLARENCE, N.Y.( WTHR) -- A three-year-old Golden Retriever in New York recently became a mom to eight puppies. But she only gave birth to one .

Mirabell gave birth to only one of the eight puppies she's nurse. The other seven puppies were born to another puppy, WGRZ reported .

" The timing was just so meant to be ," Joan Wozer, Mirabell's owner, told WGRZ .

Wozer knew Mirabell's pup would do better if it were part of a litter, so she contacted the SPCA asking if there were any foster puppies that needed a good dwelling .

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A litter of seven puppies were in need of a mama. The dog that gave birth to them would either stare at them or avoid them altogether, according to the dog's owner, Courtney Maj .

" She simply didn't have that instinct ," Maj said .

Once the puppies were taken to the SPCA, one of the staff members had an idea; bail the puppies with Mira .

After Mirabell gave birth to her puppy, the other puppies were placed in the same pen .

The puppies are now a litter of eight .

Source By wthr.com
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