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Jacksonville Humane Society seeks donations for dog and her 12 puppies

Jacksonville Humane Society seeks donations for dog and her 12 puppies

Sundae is a very sweet mother dog of 12- yes 12!- puppies. Sundae and her puppies were found in the lumbers this past weekend. Sundae is not merely had her children outside in the coldnes and rainfall, but managed to raise them all to 4 weeks of age. What an amazing mother! [?] They arrived at JHS and our crew jumped into action, _empty_ deworming medication, inoculations, fresh water and food, and lots of TLC! Sundae and her puppies also have a skin infection that requires medical treatment. All the puppies and Sundae will stay in foster homes until their scalp is mended and they are cleared for spay and neuter surgery .

JHS could not save families like Sundae's without our community. Will you consider a loving donation to our medical fund to help provide medical care to this doggy family and others like them? You can click the button to donate, go to jaxhumane.org/ donate or call 904.493.4566 .

If you are interested in adopting, please know that they are not available at this time. They will be in foster care for another 4 weeks. We will post on our website when they are available to adopt .

Sundae's puppies are Butterscotch, Rum Raisin, Caramel, Cherry, Cappuccino, Butter Pecan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Mocha, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Rocky Road and Fudge. Thank you to their foster families !

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