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Swooping pharaoh eagle-owl hunts in the desert

Animals, Mammals, Birds, Eagle-Owl,
Xavier Eichaker/Biosphoto

HE’S coming back right at you. This placing image of a Pharaoh eagle-owl (Bubo ascalaphus desertorum) was captured at dawn in dunes of the United Arab Emirates. additionally as being found across the deserts of geographic area and also the Mideast, pairs are seen nesting on the pyramids of Egypt.

The artist, Saint Francis Xavier Eichaker, had to maneuver sharply to avoid being attacked. “It’s a male, and it absolutely was pretty aggressive,” he says. “Each time i used to be close to the nesting space, it'd come back straight at Maine, and that i managed to require this shot one morning simply before ducking into my hide. I simply had to be prepared with my camera.”

Animals, Mammals, Birds, Eagle-Owl,
Xavier Eichaker/Biosphoto

The scene could be a massive dune facing the rising sun. aboard the bird of prey’s shadow is that of the sole tree within the space – a favorite perch from that the owl would hunt.

Eichaker additionally captured the higher than image of associate bird of Minerva apparently bemused by a live mouse. A parent had deposited the gnawer next to the babe to coach it a way to track and kill prey. “The bird doesn’t seem to grasp what the mouse is,” says Eichaker.

Source newscientist.com
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