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Unique Black Cat Breeds

There are however some very strange looking cat breeds out there. Black cat breeds were associated with black magic bad luck and otherworldly evil.

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It might be their bright yellow eyes the air of mystery they carry or the way black cats look at you as if they ll reveal the secrets of the universe.

Unique black cat breeds. Every cat is unique with it s own looks and personality but when most people think of cats they think of a fairly generic looking animal. The physical characteristics of this breed are similar to persians. Even to this day you can hear people saying that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck.

Learn more about the types of black cat breeds that can be a great addition to your family too. Probably the best known of the unique cat breeds the manx is a tailless cat from the isle of man which is located off britain s west coast. The beautiful sleek black coat colour occurs in a variety of cat breeds as well as domestic mixed breed cats.

Only bombay is the only breed of cat who can only be found in black but many other breeds of cat come in black as well as other colours. There s something about black cats that makes you think about witches and spooky houses. The genetic mutation m happened hundreds of years ago although the exact timeframe remains a mystery.

In other words known as the best known persian for time restricted people the cfa call this cat a unique one. Rampant crossbreeding has led to some rather unusual cat breeds that are unique in their own ways. When most people think of a cat they envision pointy ears a fluffy coat and a long swirly tail.

These are defining characteristics of most cats but some cat breeds put a unique twist on some of these features. Believed to be a cross between a siamese and short tailed tabby the american bobtail features elongated hind legs and a tail one third to one half the length of a regular cat s tail. Another cat breed in stunning black the exotic cats is one of the most popular breeds.

10 black cat breeds you ll fall in love with. Bobtails born with no tail are called rumpies. Have you ever seen a cat with folded ears or curly hair.

10 unique cat breeds. Through the dark ages these beautiful creatures were fiercely hunted down and stigmatized just because of their color. In its homozygous form the offspring receive one copy from each parent the manx gene is lethal.

These unusual cat breeds look equally attractive and cute like any other pretty looking cat but what makes these breeds unusual is their physicality looks and appearance that most people find interesting.

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