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It then lays the eggs which incubate for around 10 days. The other egg laying mammal the duck billed platypus is foundthroughout australia and tasmania.

The Echidna One Of Only Two Animals On Earth Today That Lay Eggs After The Baby Hatches It Clings To Its Moth In 2020 Australian Animals Australia Animals Echidna

Only two kinds of egg laying mammals are on the planet today the echidna also known as spiny anteater and the duck billed platypus.

2 mammals that lay eggs. These mammals mate in the water and after mating takes place the female has a gestation period of around 30 days. The only surviving examples of monotremes are all indigenous to australia and new guinea although there is evidence that they were once more widespread. This case is known as monotremes the term that refers to the structural differences in the animals of that group.

What are the only two mammals that lay eggs. They live near water and grow to reach around 5 pounds. As a matter of fact there are only 2 types of mammals that lay eggs in the world nowadays.

The echidna and the duck billed platypus. Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young like marsupials metatheria and placental mammals eutheria. Egg laying mammals belong to a group called monotremes.

There are exceptions to every rule some reptiles and fish bear live young and some mammals lay eggs. It is a normal thing for mammals to not lay eggs but it is a rare and unique case when they do lay egg. We learn early on in school that what one of the distinguishing characteristics of mammals is that unlike birds reptiles and fish they bear live young.

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