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Chihuahua Yorkie Beagle Mix

This mixed breed is a cross between a chihuahua and another breed of canine. Borkie not to be confused with the yorkie bichon frise cross is a cross between the beagle and the yorkshire terrier yorkie.

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They are fairly small dogs that can reach between 10 to 15 inches and weigh from 10 to 20 pounds.

Chihuahua yorkie beagle mix. Continue reading below to see pictures videos and learn more about. Chihuahua yorkie mix puppies for sale can be found in a lot of places. Many yorkie mixes have the positive characteristics of a yorkshire terrier.

The internet is probably the best place to start but it will take some time to make your decision. Feb 23 2015 explore jenny rose s board yorkie chihuahua mix on pinterest. The beagle yorkie mix is quickly rising in popularity amongst breeders and dog enthusiasts alike but there is still a lot to consider about this designer dog before you decide to bring him home.

Depending on the other dog the chihuahua is mixed with the result can influence temperament adaptability and a number of other characteristics. They can also be headstrong willful and prone to barking if not trained properly. They possess the coat of the yorkshire terrier and have floppy ears feet and torso very much like the beagle s.

Chihuahua yorkie mix puppies for sale. The yorkie beagle mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the beagle and the yorkie. Sometimes called a borkie the beagle yorkie mix is a crossbreed between the yorkie and the beagle.

Not to mention they have one of the most adorable designer dog names too. Known for their cute looks and a loving personality they can be a good. Cheagles are hard to train due to their extreme energy.

Chihuahua beagle mix highlights. Due to the fact these dogs are the mixture of two breeds you can expect them have mixed characters this can of course be both good and bad. The chihuahua beagle mix pup is also known as the cheagle.

The beagle is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet and the yorkie can be a feisty little guy. The beagle chihuahua mix or cheagle is not surprisingly a cross between a beagle and chihuahua. It is important to gain knowledge about both breeds to determine what to expect.

See more ideas about yorkie yorkie chihuahua mix chihuahua. Most yorkie mixes are often loving affectionate and intelligent. If you decide to adopt or buy a yorkie mix you should educate yourself on possible training options and tips.

You will need to make some inquiries in order to find the perfect puppy for you. Borkies will usually sport the long haired coat of the yorkie. A short and smooth coat is common among cheagle pups.

They should be good with the family and other pets if properly socialized. This will probably be a very sweet and high energy dog. The borkie otherwise known as the beagle yorkie hybrid is a high strung mix that proudly inherits all the best features of each parent breed.

The borkies have a round face studded with round black eyes and a dark nose.

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