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10 Types of Dogs World's Largest

Great Dane

In this world there are several types of dogs with a body size that is more than any other breed of dog. The large body size does not necessarily make the creative but keeps the dog increasingly become the center of attention. Special care is also needed to keep the dog with such a large size. Here is a list of 10 biggest dog in the world.


10. Newfoundland

Is the last dog that goes into a large dog in the world, Newfoundland. This breed is unusual in having up to 70 cm tall and weighs 80 kg. As a big dog turned out to Newfoundland is a dog who loved to swim and was able to swim a distance far enough. As a very active dog, the Newfoundland is an ideal companion to accompany children to play. However, for him to break it would be quite time because these dogs are actually very active.


9. Kuvasz

This big thick fur is one of the older dogs that grew up in Hungary. Not too big Compared to other mountain dogs, but Kuvasz is classified as a Nimble dog. The main task of this type of dog is to help the shepherds to look after the herdsmen. It's not too difficult, to train this type of dog Because this dog has above average intelligence and Also has a fairly high sense of humor.


8. Kangal

Kangal is a type of dog from Turkey that is commonly used as a guard dog. Although it belongs to a large breed of dog, Kangal is a very agile dog. With a body that Reaches 81 cm high, Kangal is Able to run with speeds reaching 50 km per hour. Kangal dogs are independent, strong, calm, and easy to train. With special training, can be a perfect Kangal guard dog for children and not aggressive when meeting new people.

St. Bernard

7. St. Bernard

This large dog is a common type of dog and is used to carry out rescue missions in the mountains. This type is the most popular type in the Italian country and the Alppen mountains. Normally St. Bernard only has a normal height of 90 cm and weighs 120 kg. But in the record, it was Noted that there were St. dogs. Bernard with a large size. The dog is named Benedictine. Because of the size, Benedictine was Noted to have a weight that Reached 166kg.

English Mastiff

6. English Mastiff

One type of English Mastiff dog that once entered the Guinness World Record as the biggest dog is a dog named Zorba from England. According to Guinness records, Zorba weighs 155 kg and is 93 cm high. The English Mastiff is a big dog that is friendly but sometimes stubborn. For Reviews those of you who have small children do not need to worry Because this big dog is quite friendly with small children and can be a good guard dog.

French Mastiff

5. French Mastiff

This one dog is a type of dog originating from France, Because this dog IS ALSO known as the Dogue de Bordeaux. From the physical Immediately we can find out that this is a strong dog because of its muscular Physique. Thanks to its strong Physique, this large dog is Often used to carry out activities such as pulling Several trains and Also carrying heavy objects. With its large body, this dog can weigh around 68 kg and reach 63-76 cm high. 

Anatolian Shepherd

4. Anatolian Shepherd

With a height of 68-73 cm and weighing 36-68 kg, an Anatolian Shepherd type dog is Undoubtedly one of the Reviews largest dogs in the world. This dog from Turkey is a dog that is very suitable to be used as a guard dog Because it has a strong guardian instinct. For owners who want this type of dog to be a friendly dog, then be prepared to be patient Because training will take a long time.

Scotish Deerhound

3. Scotish Deerhound

If you are looking for a big dog other than the Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound, here is one of the big dogs that Might be interesting for you to have. As one of the Reviews largest dogs in the world, Reviews These dogs are very easy to maintain Because they love spending time with Reviews their owners especially when invited to run. Scotish Deerhound is protected by coarse hair but is easy to trim. As an adult, this dog can reach 81 cm high.

 Irish Wolfhound

2. Irish Wolfhound

Even though it has a fairly light weight, but the Irish Wolfhound is a type of dog that has a height above the normal average dog. This type of dog was originally the result of the development of a type of war dog. Wolfhound types are Widely used as hunting dogs and guards. It is known that this type of dog can reach up to 86 cm high and IS ALSO classified as a fairly old dog.

Great Dane

1. Great Dane

Great Dane is one of the famous dogs from Germany. It is a type of dog that is famous for its size. The height of this type of dog can reach 76 cm, and some of the Great Danes are still holding the record as the highest dog in the world. An example is a Great Dane dog named Zeus. Zeus who Died in September 2014 with the age of five years set a record as the highest dog with a height of 112 cm.

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