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Poodles and doodles at Windber park


Imagine, spending an afternoon in a park pavilion full of poodles and doodles!

That is what Melanie Beckner hopes to see Aug. 11, at the Beechnut Pavilion at Windber Recreation Park, when the first Poodle Parade will take place.

“All poodles and doodles are welcome,” said Beckner.

Registration begins at 1 p.m. with the poodle parade starting at 2 p.m.

There is a registration fee, which along with proceeds from a poodle cookie sale, will be donated to Habitat for Hounds.

Beckner said the idea for the parade came from scanning the internet.

“Up popped this Poodle Parade. They have a huge one in California,” she said.

The parade she saw featured dogs in each category such as the Toys first, the Minis second and the Standards last followed by a day on the beach.

“We don’t have the beach here, but the park would be fun,” she said. “I thought, ‘how cute would this be?’”

Beckner has two poodles of her own and reflected on having to put her third dog, Bella down recently.

“I have had other dogs which have passed but Bella was my girl,” she said.

“My groomer, K-9 Kleaners, who is one of the events sponsors, has seven poodles of her own, plus an afghan hound,” said Beckner. “We just thought this would be fun and help raise money for Habitat for Hounds.”

The other sponsors include Em’s Subs and Karen’s Amazing Wreaths.

“We are inviting all poodles and doodles to the event but are reminding owners that all dogs must be leashed in the park,” she said.

There will be prizes in different categories for the dogs.

“We will have judges for each of the categories,” she said.

Beckner said this is the first time they are having it and it will be on the small scale, but it is something she would love to see grow.

Source dailyamerican.com
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