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As with all mixed breeds a chug can take characteristics from both parents may be more from the father than from the mother or vice versa. What does a pug and chihuahua mix look like.

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Breeds are crossbred for many different reasons.

Black chihuahua pug mix. This can be for a number of reasons. Chihuahua pug mix price. An adorable chug dog which is half pug and half chihuahua.

Short to medium in length. The chihuahua pug mix the chihuahua pug mix or chug is not surprisingly a mixed breed or hybrid from breeding a chihuahua and pug. Crossbreeding is often done by professional breeders.

You might be wondering what a pug and chihuahua mix looks like. 15 30 cm 6 14 in color. 4 5 9 kg 10 20 lb height.

Chug pughuahua pugwawa breed type. There is no breeder credited for the chihuahua pug mix. But first let s describe all the aspects you need to know about this chihuahua pug mix.

The creator chose not to be credited. A well bred and healthy chihuahua pug mix on average costs between 500 and 750. Well it s an adorable dog that has the characteristics of both breeds.

It was a common crossbreeding before it became popularized. The first chug crossbreed cannot be traced. Brown black tan cream white coat.

It is not a purebred dog but rather a designer dog breed. Rather than buying a puppy you can opt to adopt a chihuahua pug mix from your local shelter or rescue organization. The price can be higher depending on a breeder physical traits or if one or both parents are show ring winners.

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