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The distinction between both is made on the base of hair length. These differences are minor but they do provide some measuring standard when selecting a dog from various chihuahua types.

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The smooth and long coat chihuahua.

Chihuahua types. Chihuahuas can be differentiated by the style of their coats. Chihuahuas is the smallest breed of dogs recognized by kennel clubs the chihuahua dog breeds varied in different colors there are two main varieties recognized by kennel clubs the short haired and the long haired. Different types of chihuahuas.

Shih tzu and chihuahua mix the shi chi has risen in popularity over the past few years mostly due to the attractive mix of the shih tzu and chihuahua s lively personalities. How many types of chihuahuas exist. Mixing between breeds is discouraged by the various kennel clubs as the mixing of chihuahua breeds is not included in their breeding standards.

Fawn is a color that is very common in chihuahuas and has several varieties like a sable fawn blue fawn and fawn white. While there is still only one official breed of a chihuahua read on to find out the different types of chihuahuas that you can find with this breed. Originating in mexico they are also well known for being the world s smallest dog breed although many trace their name to the state of chihuahua there are some who refute this theory.

There are only two kinds of chihuahuas that are known by the breed standard and accepted in dog show rings across the world. They still stand out from other chihuahuas in their unique features though. Today we re digging into the history of the chihuahua and the different types of chihuahuas than fans of the.

Therefore the term types of chihuahuas talks about differences of the dog s head shape coat length and head shape. Chihuahua s are a fascinating breed and one that briefly took the world by storm gaining more popularity after being spotted in celeb hands and handbags like paris hilton demi moore reese witherspoon and even at some point marilyn monroe whose pooch was named josepha. Chihuahua types in a nutshell.

The short coated type came first that originated from the techichi dog which can be dated back to as early as ninth century carvings by ancient mayan civilizations that strongly resemble chihuahuas. The chihuahua is one of the oldest dog breeds in the americas. Even though the breed is mixed the shi chi is recognized by at least five breed registries which includes the american canine hybrid club and the designer.

Several kinds of chihuahuas are not known as official types of the breed. There are two main varieties. The short hair chihuahua is recognized as one of the two official types of chihuahuas or breeds of chihuahuas by the akc.

Chihuahuas that belong to the fawn type kind is just standard chihuahua types of various shape and sizes that have fawn color. As mentioned above there are only officially two different types of chihuahua breeds. Types of chihuahua breeds.

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