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Primate Mammals Meaning In Hindi

Primate meaning in hindi. Oneindia hindi dictionary offers the meaning of primate in hindi with pronunciation synonyms antonyms adjective and more related words in hindi.

This monkey is the largest primate in the region.

Primate mammals meaning in hindi. Know answer of question. Many primate characteristics represent adaptations to life in this challenging environment. Hindi translation of primate the official collins english hindi dictionary online.

Get meaning and translation of primate in hindi language with grammar antonyms synonyms and sentence usages. Primate is a noun by form. Prime first rank is a eutherian mammal constituting the taxonomic order primates primates arose 85 55 million years ago first from small terrestrial mammals which adapted to living in the trees of tropical forests.

It is written as narvānar in roman hindi. What is meaning of primate in hindi dictionary. Primates meaning in hindi 11107145.

Primates ka matalab hindi me kya hai primates क ह न द म मतलब. Primates in hindi language. Meaning pronunciation translations and examples.

Primate ka matalab hindi me kya hai primate क ह द म मतलब. A primate is a member of the group of mammals which includes humans monkeys and apes. What is meaning of primates in hindi dictionary.

Primate meaning in hindi ह न द म म न ग is नर. Primates meaning in hindi. A primate is a member of the group of mammals which includes humans monkeys and apes.

Primate prahy meyt or especially for 1 prahy mit. Translation for primate in the free english hindi dictionary and many other hindi translations. Primates meaning in hindi.

A primate ˈ p r aɪ m eɪ t pry mayt from latin primat from primus. An ape human or monkey. In the catholic church a rare title conferred to or claimed by the sees of certain archbishops or the highest ranking bishop of a present or historical usually political circumscription.

The synonyms and antonyms of primate are listed below. Find the definition of primate in hindi. Primate meaning in hindi is नरव नर.

A mammal of the order primates including simians and prosimians. Over 100 000 hindi translations of english words and phrases. Primate meaning in hindi.

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