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Elf Cat Hairless Cat Breeds

However these cats will require an routine bath or wipe down. The elf cat is generally considered to be a low maintenance cat breed.

Sphynx Kittens Cats Sphynx Cat Elf Cat

Its long skinny tail coupled with its alien like eyes give it an otherworldly look.

Elf cat hairless cat breeds. The elf cat part of the hairless cat breed is known for its twisted wrinkled face and curled ears. The hallmark of the elf cat and its main difference from other hairless cats is the shape of their ears. Like many of the hairless cats the elf cat is lovingly affectionate energetic and talkative.

The elf is a hybrid between a sphynx cat and an american curl cat. Along with the well known canadian sphynx new breeds are appearing which are even more interesting on the exterior. The sphynx donskoy don rex and the peterbald are the most common.

The thinnest of the hairless breeds they have a narrow long head webbed feet and a long rat like tail which you may say doesn t sound the most attractive. Other less known breeds include the ukrainian levkoy a cross between a donskoy and a scottish fold the elf a cross between a sphynx and an american curl the dwelf a cross between a sphynx american curl and. There are several breeds of hairless cats in the cat fancy today.

Many people mistakenly think that hairless cats are a breed of their own but there are several distinct breeds of hairless cats recognized by breed registries like the cat fancier s association and the international cat association. The number of elf cats the original breed for lovers of hairless cats is constantly growing every year. However these regal looking cats are highly sought after.

Hairless cats are unique interesting and fiercely lovable. Due to the fact that the elf cat is hairless potential owners won t need to worry about shedding. Another russian hairless cat breed the peterbald was introduced in 1994 in saint petersburg after the crossing of a donskoy and an oriental shorthair female.

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