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Black Afghan Hound Short Hair

There s no afghan hound in this world that will have his feelings hurt if you cut their hair short anna stomberg afghan hound breeder though most afghan owners leave their locks long you can cut down on hair maintenance by trimming the hair shorter in a puppy cut as seen on this dog. This breed is known for its long flowing coat but is it possible to find a short hair afghan hound.

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In motion the afghan hound has a striking appearance owing to its elastic powerful stride smooth pace and sweeping locks.

Black afghan hound short hair. The confident graceful posture along with the elongated head a natural silky topknot long muzzle almond shaped eyes and of course the long thick textured coat make it arguably the prettiest among all purebreds. The afghan hound originally lived high in the mountains of afghanistan hunting wild prey such as wolves foxes gazelles and other small game and is said to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the. The afghan hound was first discovered in afghanistan in the 1900s and appeared shortly after in the united states.

See more ideas about afghan hound hound afghan. Many individuals have a black facial mask a specimen may have facial hair that looks like a fu manchu mustache the mustache is called mandarins. The afghan hound shedding periods include every fall and spring and after every season for unspayed bitches.

Dec 6 2013 explore darren driscoll s board afghan hound followed by 447 people on pinterest. The short fluffy puppy coat begins to fall out at about one year of age giving way to the glossy steadily lengthening adult coat. True to its origins as a hunter bred to think on its feet the afghan.

Short hair afghan hound. The coat may be any colour but white markings particularly on the head are discouraged. The long hair on this breed originally served to protect them from harsh climates.

It s unlikely you ll find a short hair afghan hound unless you choose to clip their fur. The afghan hound is tall standing in height 61 74 cm 24 29 in and weighing 20 27 kg 44 60 lb. Is there an afghan hound short hair breed.

The head is surmounted in the full sense of the word with a topknot of long silky hair that is. While the afghan puppy will display short and fuzzy hair for the first few weeks this will gradually grow into the long and silky coat that the breed is known for. Afghan hound one of the most elegant and independent purebred dogs of the present time is highly regarded for its loyalty and courage.

The afghan hound should be shown in its natural state. The coat is not clipped or trimmed.

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