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Huskies can have blue eyes brown eyes one of each or even particolored eyes. Breeders prefer dark brown eyes as per the breed standard.

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Brown is the basic of eye color in dogs and the shades of brown can vary from light brown through more orange tone right up to a dark.

Siberian husky alaskan malamute blue eyes. Why malamutes can t have blue eyes. Alaskan malamutes have brown eyes. The alusky is the malamute and husky mixed pooch who is an adorably fluffy pup with.

But the shade of brown can vary to lighter shades of brown and even orange eyes which look amazing to be honest. This is the only disqualification in the american kennel club akc breed standard. An alaskan malamute with blue eyes would be immediately disqualified.

The blue eyes white coat and non curled tail suggest that your dog is a siberian husky though siberians are typically not that large. The size more closely resembles that of an alaskan malamute. Beyond that there is a good genetic reason by blue eyes are a disqualification in malamutes.

The reason it comes as a shock to most people is that malamutes are often compared to their much more popular cousin the siberian husky. Huskies can have two blue eyes parti colored eyes or different colored eyes. Tail curls over back.

Dad is an alaskan malamute x husky both parents having stunning blue eyes as can be seen in the photos above which will be passed down onto the beautiful puppies. Because these breeds are often compared to each other they ve become one of the more popular additions in the designer dog craze by creating the alaskan malamute siberian husky mix. The alaskan husky is larger and leaner than the similar looking siberian husky.

Because the alaskan husky is more a general category than a strict breed it comes in any color and any pattern of markings. Where siberians often have blue eyes or a combination of blue and brown alaskans eyes are generally brown. Blue eyes are never mentioned in the old literature prior to the introduction of the siberian husky.

The dominant gene that causes blue eyes in siberian huskies is a very specific mutation that historically never occurred in the malamute population. We have been blessed with 7 girls and 2 boys all pups are a mixture between both parents but all have unique markings making each pup special in their own way. The alaskan malamute and the siberian husky are similar dogs in many ways but there are also a few differences between them.

Yep as shocking as it sounds purebred malamutes will not have blue eyes. It s possible that your dog may be a siberian husky alaskan malamute mix or a mix of some different breeds. Tail hangs down.

Large up to 26 66 cm medium up to 23 5 60cm medium large up to 26 66cm usually brown eyes never blue. Light blue or brown eyes. A purebred alaskan malamute cannot have blue eyes.

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